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  1. Ya! Our own plot thread! >w<
  2. YAY!! Plot thread!! How in depth were you thinking for the bio's? Or are we just writing up the basics? (Name, Height, weight etc) I usually just do bio's for myself so I tend to go over board with the characters back ground.
  3. Lol! Same here! XD The bios thus far are pretty basic, some insight on their personality and history, but nothing too crazy. :3 I'm thinking about apping three to four characters, depending. How about you?
  4. I have three characters done. I just toned down what I normally do. :3 Now that I think about it Laiu also has an anthro version of herself... I think I'd like to use that instead.

    Name: Tazren Lee Moroue

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5’7”

    Race: Human

    Weight: 160 (add on the weight of the cybernetic leg and he's 180)

    Alignment: Neutral

    Physical Description: Stocky body frame, not overly muscular but not frail either, has slightly tanned skin suggesting he spends some time outdoors, has strawberry blonde hair, mullet hair style, has pale green eyes, left leg is cybernetic and made of shoddy parts which requires constant maintenance, seems to always have a five o’clock shadow but when he shaves he’s clean shaven, has two scars on the bridge of his nose and a few more scattered around his body. Always wears his tan cowboy hat. Often carried an old gun of sorts.

    Background: Oldest son to a family of outlaws Tazren has always been in some sort of trouble. Like father like son in this case. He was very protective of his little sister when growing up and still has a tendency to do so now. Once older he split off on his own, getting caught up as a treasure hunter of sorts. Depending on the role play depends on how he lost his leg. He’s often seen with his cat (or asralie a fox/cat like creature) Oscar. The loss of his wife and two children made him a bitter man and he seeks bottles of whiskey and cigarettes far too often.

    Personality: Tazren is a jerk, an ass hat, a cocky womanizing foul mouth southern boy. He’s normally laid back but it takes nothing to set him off as he has a short temper. Has little remorse if he kills someone and will come up with an excuse as to why he did so. In his mind he’s always right. He’s also an alcoholic and a chain smoker, despite this he still tries to hit on women when he can. He is also for all his brutality he’s actually very intelligent, being able to fix most things cybernetic or mechanical.


    Name: Lostpaw

    Age: looks to just getting into her 20’s, though she’s not sure of her age

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’6”

    Race: feline druid (shape shifter of sorts) Panthos Druid

    Weight: 140

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Human form - Small compact but very sturdy frame, thin face but not frail, animalistic yellow eyes, a deep cut on the side of her head along with nicks in her ear, olive skin, dark auburn hair that is cut very short, shorter in the back and longer wild front that flows back away from her face, almost like a Mohawk but no shaved sides.

    Feline form – Smaller cat built like a lioness, stocky and muscular, but has a thick panther like tail, fur a deep reddish in color with a ridge of dark auburn fur, her legs are patchy white and deep red, longer fangs stick out from her bottom jaw like a saber cat, has yellow eyes.

    Background: Lostpaw gained her name from the affectionate name Laiu the wood elf ranger gave her when her dog Baku led her to Lostpaw’s near lifeless body. Before waking up in the near-by barbarian warrior encampment, Lostpaw remembers nothing from her past, not who she was, how she got there or even her name. All she knows is she was terribly burned by arcane magic and had a terrible blow to her head. The wood elf nursed her back to health and from then on Lostpaw claimed she owed her life to Laiu and followed her where ever she went.

    Personality: Lostpaw puts up a savage front, she’s got a very hot temper, often snapping before thinking. Her feminine face is in a perpetual scowl and she deeply distrusts anyone who does not prove their worth in combat. Or well distrusts most people. Inside she’s terribly confused and fragile. Desperately wanting to know who she once was and what happened.
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  5. Had to Edit Laiu's bio real quick. I added a work in progress art work that I'm doing of Laiu & Lostpaw. Sadly I don't have one of Tazren... Well I do but it's the anthro version of him... and He's not anthro in this role play. I put it as a link because the image I felt was too big to just pop in a thread post.

    Name: Laiu Deeprain

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’3”

    Race: Asralie (Anthro race with fur, rabbit like ears and a lion like tail.)

    Weight: 120

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Description: Thin lithe body with muscular arms and wider hips, covered in fine white fur with pale grey patches, A thin lion like tail with a tuft of fur on the end, Long thin ears, thin chin but round cheeks, wide round eyes which are a very pale blue, shoulder length grey-white hair, scars over her eyes, always wears feathers in her hair as ear rings and on her wrists.

    Background: Laiu’s clan was attacked by marauding bandits, leaving her the only survivor. A blow that was meant to be fatal merely left her blind. A passing elven caravan came upon the ruined village to find her the only survivor, or so she is told. Laiu was taken in and raised with the wood elves sages, whom taught her to feel the energy of all living creatures. Giving her the first step into independence. The merchant caravan returned one summer when she was older, bringing home a human raise dog. The Husky became her bonded and through the perky dog she gained her last step into independence. With the clans help she learned to be a fine ranger, one whos arrows always hits their targets.

    Personality: In combat Laiu is a confidence, stubborn leader whom never backs down from a challenge. On her own she is rather timid and shy. Keeping to herself, her dog and her close friends. Once she opens up she becomes kind, warm and compassionate with a happy-go-lucky attitude.

  6. Awesome characters! O= And is that your artwork of your characters?

    I've got two of four of mine completely ready. :3 Just haven't been home enough to get my steampunk gangster and "jester" and finished. X3

    Name: Espen Luinil
    Species: Human/Android
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Dark brown with ash blond highlights and cut to his neck with a very slight curl.
    Eyes: Bright green
    Skin: Bronze
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 145lbs
    Build: He’s cut and lean, but a little on the thin side for being someone who explores caves, ruins and so much more, but that’s because forearms and legs are replaced with bioniclal limbs.

    Appearance: He’s usually seen wearing jeans or khaki material, a t-shirt or tank top with something thrown over. His boots are always over his pant legs and he wears cuffs around his triceps.
    Personality: For someone with his background of mixed, ancient heritage he’s fairly talkative, but not the most outgoing. He has a way of talking that is more professional and less friendly.
    Abilities He has super speed and strength because of his special limbs, but aside from that, he has always been a sponge for knowledge and has taken things to a new level when it comes to treasure hunting. However, he’s poor at understanding people.
    Strengths: Arms, legs, smarts, cautious
    Weaknesses: Liquor (cannot hold it), strong smells, asthmatic, has slight clinical depression
    Likes: Treasures, gold, gems, the chase, fine food but roughing it when it comes to camping or adventuring.
    Dislikes: Ignorant people, those who don’t take his advice seriously (go figure XD ), booze, tobacco, lack of self respect.


    Name: Ryvi
    Species: ???
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Her long, black hair has few short pieces here and there and sprouting from this dark thickness are two large ram-like horns that start out a metallic red, then green to gold at the tips. Eyes: Right is red, left is golden-orange
    Skin: Pale peach/black fur
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 130lbs (horn weight)
    Build: Thin, tiny bust, and rather short

    Appearance:. Her body is made up of pale skin and black fur. Her Steampunk attire has an ancient-god like flare to it. Ancient, yellowed wraps cover her arms and legs. Ryvi also has short ram like ears, but her tail is long and slender, like a snake tail with fur.

    Personality: Because she is far from human, Ryvi has a hard time understanding what goes through the mind of man. She’s not verbally loud, as she’s the type to speak more through actions rather than words. Ryvi is straight to the point and always testing her boundaries with others. Her aura is the kind that reads judgmental and curious.

    Abilities Ryvi can speak in Tongues, so she has no limitations on speech, if which a bit useless for someone who prefers to talk through their actions. She also has Magus powers and loves to use them like they’re going out of style.

    Strengths: Magic, linguistics, persuasion, horns and super strength in spite of her petite frame.

    Weaknesses: Over exerts herself fairly quickly, horns getting caught on things, lack of balance, gets ill very easily, is terrible at understanding mechanical devices, getting over heated.

    Likes: Trying different kinds of jams and wines, unique specimens, playing

    Dislikes: Sweet foods, murder, cruelty, the flute, skeptics
  7. Yes! It is my own art. Sadly that piece I linked is sitting in my art folder unfinished for the... past year. :/ I've had a serious lack in art muse. Its just really sad.
  8. Lol! XD It's really good! Do you have a dA or FurAffinty page? :3 Btw, finaaaly got home tonight, I'll finish my last two charas this weekend and we can get this rp rocking! ;33
  9. I love your art! I'll have to add you on dA! My username is MoonlightAlchemist. :3 Sadly, none of my anthro is up. :\ I'm terrible at posting stuff! XD
  10. Added you to my stalker-I MEAN FRIENDS LIST. Also just wanted to tell you I might not get on further today. Tis Mother Day and it's going to be hella busy at the restaurant I serve at.I work the morning shirt so I can get the day done and over with but I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass out when I get home lol.
  11. Been a few days sorry about the absence. Was a crazy weekend and had a doc apt yesterday.

    Anyways so to start out I was thinking of an Indiana Jones type of deal with both of them rushing through some ancient ruins on some god forsaken planet trying to get the artifact before the other. Or should it be in a museum?
  12. LOL! XD Sounds good! I'll have to take a deeper look through your dA. *w* And I hope the appointment went well! =D

    And no worries--this last weekend was crazy indeed! XD I love the idea of them rushing through some ancient ruins--that's exactly how I pictured this starting out! >w< Would you like to start the thread or shall I?
  13. Yea my DA has... geez years of art posted there. Go back far enough and it just gets scary. And likewise! Need to wander around your page as well. ^_^ Speaking of I bought a new sketch book! I was on the last page of my old one so it was time for a new one. And my appointment went well I think. I hope? Long story short the apt was to get an MRI done. I wont bore/dump my worries and details on you lol.

    And which ever. you can start it if you feel comfortable. Or I can. :3
  14. Lol! XD Mine's the same way! Ooo! I love having a nice new sketch book!

    Oh wow! D= I hope everything's okay. If you feel comfortable telling me, please do. :3 I'd like for us to be more than just rp buddies, but friends too! =D

    And that sounds good! I'll start typing the post after work tomorrow. <3
  15. Thanks! Venting about my medical stuff does help. It will be good to tell you anyways since it might explain if I cant get on to reply some days. Anyways for six weeks now I have been severely light headed. Like the feeling of vertigo. Like it becomes hard to keep my balance and I feel as tough I'm going to fall forward. Loud noises and movement makes the feeling worse. At one point it was all day. When I woke up to when I went to sleep. I missed so much work because of it. When I realized this wasn't just a flu or simple sinus infection I requested a week off (paid vacation) from my job. If I sit still and don't get up and move too much I'm fine. And the past two weeks I have been feeling a bit better. Especially since I took a week off.

    My doc did a CT scan and said it was a sinus infection. Put me on antibiotics which only made the symptoms worse. And didn't help. In fact the motion sickness medication, mucinexD/zyrtecD, and change in my diet all made it worse. So I went to a specialist (ear, nose, & throat doc) and he sent me for the MRI to see if there's something wrong brain wise. (I'm slightly annoyed with my doc because why didn't she send me for an MRI which shows MORE than a CT scan in the first place?) And next week I go back to the ENT doc to get a balance and hearing test. I should be getting a call from the ENT doc either today or tomorrow letting me know the results of the MRI.

    Part of me hopes he finds nothing. Because that would not be col if something were going on there. But I want something found. Because being light headed all the time sucks.

    Anyways so yea that's my drama. :/ -hugs- Thanks for listening. And yay post! RP is much needed right now, takes my mind off things going on.
  16. By the way late I know but congrats on getting your manga published! That's an amazing feat. -cheers!!-
  17. Got our thread up! =D Thought I'd split Espen's intro into two posts, so I can read Tazren's in between. XD Here we go: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/swallowed-into-a-world-of-steam.27480/

    Oh wow! O_O I'm sorry to hear that! *hugs* I really hope everything checks out in the clear! Health issues can be scary, indeed. D=

    And thank you! It's been an adventure, to say the least. XD
  18. Sorry it took me a while to respond. >.< Works' been... crazy... XD Anywho! Listening to Tomb Raider music while writing Espen's response! XD Yay!
  19. No problem! Life always has a way to take up out time. It happens. :3