Zeit und Stimmung

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  1. Greetings, all. The name is Einne, Esquire, and I have come to this place in my travels around the world wide web. I am but a lowly wordsmith who crafts prose upon prose about....really nothing in particular. I have experience in roleplaying, having been in some a few years back. Sadly, some of the sites have shut down due to member inactivity, as well as forumotions being, excuse the harsh intonation, dumb.

    But enough of stories, time for pleasantries. I am pleased to be here, and I hope the community will be able to accept me for the humble knave that I am.
  2. Welcome, great wordsmith, of whose prose I would perhaps enjoy to read sometime! I am sorry to hear about the downfall of your previous stomping grounds (assuming they were such).
  3. Welcomed by thy name, at this Iwaku where we stay, may our stories never fail ^^
    And I hope you enjoy the stay ;)
  4. Knave is a fun word I don't see often enough. O_O Welcome to the community, Einnen!
  5. Thank you, thank you all. My greatest gratitude to you all to welcome me. I shall do my utmost best to continue pursuing my writing and roleplaying here.
  6. Welcome to the site Einnen! Glad to have you.

    Hope you find everything you desire and more!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.