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  1. Screw it, I decided to make a Power Rangers Rp that would consist of an adulterated world (Not as drastic as Avi Arad's short film) but with realism and a darker approach than most power ranger interpretations. And instead of following Mighty Morphin saga, I wanted to discover and expand on the Zeo Crystals from the 2nd installment. These crystals (and whomever finds them) will of course become that designated power ranger, leading to a long time abandoned hidden fortress, where they will discover Alpha 5.1 and a rebooted Zordon. The rest is history...

    Synopsis: It's been nearly a decade since the infamous Power Rangers have dropped from the face of the Earth. Conspiracy theorists, fans, now grown 90s kids, and even the government that once knew of the renowned heroes are left to speculation and confusion as to the whereabouts of the missing rangers. Among the covert world of the old rangers, someone...or something begins to target the ole members as a few close deaths revolving around some members begin to surface. For five unassuming citizens of Earth however, they will be tossed into a fantastical world of new frontiers...but with the face of a much darker and more brooding world. Upon finding strange crystals, they are led together in fate as they must band together to stop a secret and impending darkness.

    As GM I will reserve the Pink Ranger, the other four five are up for grabs by anyone! Unfortunately I would prefer this rp is 18+ only because of suggestive themes and adult situations. If this rp blows up big enough, then there could be cause to recruit more rpers and GM's for an expanded universe such as Beetleborgs and possibly even Kamen Riders all in the same universe ^_^

    I'm more then happy to accept character that are human civilians, villains, etc.

    Well that's all folks! Anyone interested reply away!

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  2. Oh blue, please god, let me have blue!
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  3. Lol if we start it then you can reserve blue
  4. I'm all over that Red Ranger if you're taking reserves... unless the Gold Ranger is available somewhere.
  5. If this launches, both will be open to reserve :]
  6. Red Ranger reservation right here for when/if we start it. :D

    I love to make everything darker. Plus Cerulean and I are already in another RP together. This... this could be fun.
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  7. May as well.

    Blue Ranger is alllll mineee

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  8. @Hyena might play either the Green or Yellow ranger, depending if they decide to do it. If that's the case then with at least one more person we could start a CS/OOC.
  9. I'm interested in the Yellow Ranger!
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  10. Okay that means the two chicks and two of three guys are covered.

    All we need is a Green.

    Gold is optional and debated for a later plot.
  11. Hmm...green or gold. If you get it filled with an interested party, I'll hold out in the reserve seat for gold. He's a pimp anyway.
  12. Lol okay Ly, but I will say that's like later down the road in the rp.

    EDIT: Actually someone semi-reserved it already pertaining to a specific plot, but if we don't follow that story then you could be Gold independently.
  13. Eh, I have time. Besides, if someone else wants the role, I'll gladly step aside and wait. You know?

    I'll keep an eye out.

    Edit: Villains are always fun too.
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  14. I didn't know that the roles were gender specific, I was actually planning on making a male Yellow Ranger, if it's still viable, if not I can make a female one.
  15. Oh. Okay. Lol I could just take green then. I have no desire to step on proverbial toes.
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  16. Well the pic above is the suits for the rangers, it would be a snug fit lol.
  17. Lol it seems that way, though I have seen male swimmers with similar builds. Michael Phelps actually has build similar, though his shoulders are broader and he is much taller.
  18. Then by all means, make him male. I don't mind at all.
  19. Aw no more spots available? twas looking to join but it seems i was too late.
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