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  1. Okay, so I don't actually have a lot to go on for this one.
    I'm like addicted to zombie apocalypse movies. (Not saying I've watched a LOT of them, but I've watched enough to know that I love most of them.)
    I've never actually done a zombie apocalypse roleplay, but I get the feeling that I could have a lot of fun with it. (:
    The only real idea that I have for this is that I would like it to partially center around a group of men and women who, before the zombie apocalypse ever started, basically dedicated a lot of time and resources to preparing for the zombie apocalypse.
    These would be people who did things like stock up on food, guns, ammo, well as dedicating time to practice tactical training, and likely even learned hand-to-hand combat with close-range weapons.

    I'm not sure what the back-story will be for how the zombies were created, but I do know that it will be something that *only* affects humans. (Sorry, but most animals don't have systems similar enough to humans to catch this disease/virus/whatever it happens to be.)
    I'm interest checking and plotting..
    So if you're interested and have some ideas that you'd like to bounce around with me; don't be afraid to post!
    (I do know that the chances are that a roleplay like this will be pretty full of blood, guts, and gore; so if you're opposed to any of those things; this probably will not be the roleplay for you!)
  2. Sounds fun to me! :3 I absolutely love zombie survival games! I've played quite a few and am always happy to help build the plot line! <3
  3. ((Sorry my response took so long. A friend abducted me on Wednesday and has been running me ragged ever since. Lol.))

    If you're still interested I'd love to hear/read any thoughts you may have for a plot.
    I've been watching The Walking Dead lately (I got a late start watching it, and used netflix to catch up on it.) but have seen several different zombie apocalypse movies. (I haven't, however, watched all of the Resident Evil movies or played any of the games.)
    I think it would be fun to mix the ZORT people with normal people who are survivors and kind of just learn back stories throughout the roleplay.
  4. I'd be interested! I like the idea of mixing the prepared with the not so prepared
  5. If this is still on, I'm sooo in.
  6. I totally forgot about this thread, but if y'all are still interested I'd be more than willing to pop a thread into place. :3
    I'm still dying for a Zocalypse roleplay, and haven't had much luck even in a one on one search.
  7. Sooo, how does this little plot line sound for starting the game off?

    ZORT was prepared for the apocalypse and founded a survival camp, but as the world decayed, so did the spirit of mankind. The camp was overturned by a coup formed by a group of those who sought to overrule the camp. The repercussions led to immeasurable damage and few survived through the struggle. The remaining members of ZORT managed to survive as a group in the chaotic wild before agreeing to find a new place to restart.

    I think it'd be fun to emphasize the survival aspects, too! >w<
  8. Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll work on setting everything up here shortly, but it may take me a day or two to get everything compiled. e.e; I've been pretty busy, so I'm trying to catch up on my other roleplays and such.