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    The universe is currently a very crazy and dangerous place. Dozens of races hurry to claim as many new planets as they can, ensuring that every one of their people will be able to live long enough to give birth to a new generation, that the generation they create will make a new one and so on. Some races just do it to bask in power until the day they die, not caring about re-populating at all. Whatever the reason may be to attempt to grab new land, it has caused wars across galaxies. Earth is one of these many planets, and while the majority believe that they are just protecting themselves from the war, the leaders of said planet have been big time adversaries of many foes, lying to their large army in order to participate in the battle for resources, not that humans would go extinct without any for a long time. With the advanced technology that helps them fish more all types of material from animals as old as dinosaurs roaming the Earth, nothing outside of the planet was needed. This is an example of the EDF's greed.


    While four of the five Generals of the EDF were on other planets, continuing their conquest, a certain enemy of theirs began to make his move. This enemy was one of their own kind rather then of another, and lived on Earth, the very location they sworn to the people to protect. He was on the small island he lived on currently. Though his number of allies were small at the moment, this man vowed also to protect Earth, and with the help of one of his allies, everyone on the planet heard and felt his resolve, regardless of how crazy he sounded.


    "Is it ready pops?!" shouted the man who was about to challenge the EDF. Standing in front of his large wooden home near the beach of the island, behind that house being the entrance of the forest that provided them with a ton of food to survive. The man was with his swordsman friend Thomas who held up a camera instead of the usual blade he carried with him everywhere. This camera was wirelessly connected to a computer located inside of the living room of the house, which was currently being modified by a certain old man in order to connect to every other machine on the planet that was connected via the internet or satellite. By doing this, the large camera that Thomas was holding would be able to broadcast whatever it was seeing live to the world.

    "In about 10 seconds it will be! When you see the red dot blinking, that is your queue!" the man shouted back in reply through the open door of the house as he was working on hacking into every machine in the world from his living room. Something like this was near impossible to do for even the geniuses of the planet, especially at 9 in the morning, but Axel Terumi was not just your average genius. His monstrous strength and brain were prized possessions of his since he was just a young man.

    Asher was nervous now, standing just a few feet away from a camera that was aimed right at his face. He would have to convince at least a few people from the billions in the world to join his cause to get rid of the EDF. It was now or never, so whatever he was feeling had to be squashed before he began his speech. It was just so hard for him to stop feeling nervous.

    "Don't worry Asher. You will be fine," Thomas said to him with a smile before he put his eye back on the camera that he was holding. That made the android feel much better. 10 seconds had now passed, so it was his time to shine and not screw things up. He was hoping that the casual blue T-Shirt, blue jeans and black and white converse shoes he were wearing wouldn't mess up the professionalism of the message, but then again, rebels of the EDF probably wouldn't give shit about that anyway. Asher put on a serious face and began to speak as soon as he saw the red dot on the camera blink repeatedly.

    “Hello, people of the earth. I am on your television and computer screens to gather those who are ready to fight for their planet. As you know, war across galaxies have been getting worse and worse, and with it being this way, the only thing that we can do is protect ourselves from the madness. Sure, the EDF has told you that they have been doing this for you all, and that there was nothing to worry about, but the fact of the matter is, they are just causing the war to come to us at a faster pace than before! They cannot be trusted, and that is why I am speaking to you all. If you have ever once wanted to do something great, but did not want to answer to the grand authority of the current EDF, this is your chance. Join me, leader of the Z Fighters, Earth’s New EDF!” Asher shouted before giving up the coordinates of his location, and then informing the viewers that he would explain much more once they got to where he was. After the camera shut off, he wondered if it was too short, and if he could have said anything more convincing. It was too late for that however, so all he could do is just wait with his father Axel, and best friend Thomas. The EDF would not act until at least one or two more of their generals came back to Earth, since it took two of them to ‘kill’ Asher 7 years ago. The fact that he was still alive, and perhaps training all that time wouldn’t just cause them to rush in on him without their leaders.

    “You did great kid. Nothing else that could have been said anyway. We just have to wait for the brave ones to come,” Axel said to is son, patting him on his left shoulder with his right hand, now standing to his left of course. Thomas sat down on a nearby chair, deciding to wait with the two as well. The three of them would give it until midnight. Everyone that got to the house before then would be taken to a special location that means a lot to Asher, and then told about everything that is happening.
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  2. “Hmm, interesting…” Chilbain muttered as his narrow, red eyes focused on the TV in deep thought.

    It had been about 2 years since he had settled on planet Earth, after his previous residence had been taken over by invading forces. All of the wars and invasions going on made it more difficult hard to travel between planets without being seen as a threat, so laying low on a planet seemed to be his best option at the moment. He had made the most of it while he was there, having a capsule house in distant mountains for his training so none of the humans would be bothered too much by it. His home was rather small in his opinion, but it was the best he had for now.

    He picked up the remote that was sitting on the couch next to him and turned the small TV off, reflecting on the message that was just played, people against the invasion of other planets was common, but for someone to challenge their rulers directly, that was something he didn’t see often, he was rather impressed. The speaker was brave to say the least, but he had a point, from what he could tell, no good could come from this EDF. Yet, Chilbain hadn’t had much interaction with the people of this planet before, besides the occasional trip to the nearest town for necessary supplies. Sure he had researched some of their cultures through their technology and spent his free time watching TV or reading, but he has never had much or a conversation with anyone, seeing it as unnecessary at the moment.

    For a moment, he considered joining these Z Fighters, Earth had many desirable features, so there would potentially be many powerful foes to fight off, which would be quite beneficial. But then again, why should the affairs of a foreign planet concern him, there were plenty of other ways to find powerful fighters.

    Well, there was no harm in at least checking it out. He stood from his lounging position, doing a quick stretch before figuring out where the coordinates lead. He stepped outside, deciding that there was nothing of importance that he needed to take with him. That was until his small, car-sized spaceship caught his eye with its black, metallic glint debating whether or not he take it with him, seeing as it was the only thing that he still had from his travels. But he decided against it, it would most likely be safer in the middle of nowhere than among several supposedly powerful strangers. Chilbain sighed heavily, giving one last glance at his familiar surroundings before taking flight towards his destination, flying at a rather slow pace, not really caring what time he arrived.

    After about an hour of flight, the island that he was supposed to go to came into view, he hovered above it for a minute, examining the layout before he landed softly on the shore and taking the new scenery. He had spotted a house not far from where he decided to land, assuming that was the meeting location that was described, and began to walk towards it.
  3. "KAMEHAMEHA!" The loud outburst could have been heard for a few miles as it was then followed by quite the loud impact as a certain portion of the surrounding forest was wiped out in a few seconds. Smiling at seeing just how far he has progressed Raizen floated down from his place in the sky and stood in the brand new clearing. "Heh good its at least two times bigger than when I first started my training on this island. Deciding that he had done enough damage to Smokey the Bear's feelings he made his way back towards his small home. The capsule technology still amazed him to this day seeing as how you could pack so much into something so small as he entered his reasonably medium sized home. Grabbing a towel to wipe off the sweat from his training Raizen turned on the T.V. to see what was still going on in the world today, but was surprised to not see the same old boring news as always. Listening to the message that was supposedly televised across the world he sat down and thought for a moment about this man's words. "Hmm so the EDF isn't as good as everyone thought they were huh?...To be something great he says." Taking a moment to look up from his own world Raizen walked over to a picture of a quite burly man holding a new born child with the biggest smile on his face. "If these Z-fighters are really fighting for the noble cause that they say they are then I don't have much of a choice huh dad?"

    Finally making up his mind Raizen went to go take a shower and put on a brand new set of clothes that looked pretty much the same as his last one did. Giving he picture one last look and smile he strode out of his house and took off towards the skies to the location that was announced on the television set. "Welp Raizen looks like that feeling about change is coming true...the only question is am I truly ready?" Thinking on what he just said he shook out that seed of doubt in his mind assuring himself that he was more than prepared for the challenges to come.

    After a little while of flight Raizen spotted a house that seemed to link up to the coordinates that he was given, but he landed on the ground a little ways from it just to play it safe. He then made his way there on foot hoping that whatever comes out of this doesn't wind up killing him in the end.
  4. Gettispa had been on this planet for a week right now. She looks about the city she was currently looking through, exploring its possibilities.

    "So... this is civilisation on this planet? I have always thought it was just valleys and plains. First impressions do affect some things I suppose," she chuckles as she continues to stroll, sampling street food on the way. As she continued to stroll, she gazed upon what appeared to be a big screen on a building.

    Hello, people of the earth. I am on your television and computer screens to gather those who are ready to fight for their planet. As you know, war across galaxies have been getting worse and worse, and with it being this way, the only thing that we can do is protect ourselves from the madness. Sure, the EDF has told you that they have been doing this for you all, and that there was nothing to worry about, but the fact of the matter is, they are just causing the war to come to us at a faster pace than before! They cannot be trusted, and that is why I am speaking to you all. If you have ever once wanted to do something great, but did not want to answer to the grand authority of the current EDF, this is your chance. Join me, leader of the Z Fighters, Earth’s New EDF!

    Remembering what happened to her old planet, she definitely didn't want this one to end up like what is now a pointless sack of meteorites, drifting through space. As such, she sat at a cafe table to ponder for a bit.

    After a quick drink, Gettispa made her mind up. She swiftly shot into the air, causing great astonishment to the people surrounding her. Leaving a shimmering trail resembling the night sky, she zoomed across the scenery. In mere seconds, she was nowhere to be seen.
  5. "Two just flew in, Asher," Thomas told his best friend as he entered the small kitchen that had a sink cabinet attached to the wall left of the entrance, to see the leader of this new movement hunting for something in the fridge which was attached to the wall opposite the entrance. This was normal, as Asher always ate when he got nervous, and wondering if anyone really believed what he said about the EDF was what was making him feel that way. He grabbed a green apple, closed the refrigerator and took a bite out of the fruit as he looked into the eyes of his good friend, who had on his normal training outfit, all brown of course(the same one he has in his image). If Asher hadn't requested him to be the camera man earlier and be on the lookout for any incoming warriors, the young man would be out in the forest cutting down trees and whatnot.

    "Alright, thanks for the alert. Let's go check out the recruits right now," Asher smiled, then left the kitchen with Thomas, walking through the living room that Axel was in, still messing around with the computer at his desk in one of the corners of the room.

    "Uh, yea tell em I said hi, blah blah," Axel said as he was almost tranced into whatever he was doing. Most likely looking at his custom radar program to watch out for any EDF spy gadgets. If anyone could disable spy gear before it could get any information, it was Asher's father. The android acknowledged Axel's small request and then opened the front door, closing it once him and Thomas were outside, looking at the two people coming towards the house from the beach. One was human, or at least looked like one, and the other one, had a bizarre appearance that Asher had never seen before. This one was most likely apart of a race that was new to Earth's records. As he and Thomas walked near the two of them who were only a few meter away from the house, Asher took this opportunity to sense their power levels, which seemed to be the same as his, more or less, which was very promising, since he had done a few stealth runs to the EDF, and the only real challenge for someone his level were the Captains and Generals. '

    "Welcome to my home! You two are the first ones to come, as it has only been about an hour since I sent the message. Since we have quite a while before I decide on our next move, perhaps there are some questions you have for me? I won't answer a few until everyone is here, but feel free to take a shot, please!" Asher explained to them with a smile on his face, his two hands stretched out towards them, attempting at a hand-shake. "By the way, the person behind me is Thomas" Asher added, Thomas waving his hand towards them in response to his name being mentioned. "My father, who was the one who got me on the air in the first place, is in the house, and he says hi as well," the android added.
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  6. "Well at least he seemed honest and eager enough," were the first thoughts that popped into Raizen's head as he took stock of the man before him. Feeling that it would be rude to refuse the honest gesture he walked up and shook that man's hand and noticed that it felt odd, but decided to keep that bit of information to himself. Looking at the other arrival that he spotted just now made him wonder just how strong someone like him was until he remembered to never judge a book by its cover. "Well since you decided to extend the honor first I suppose I can answer in kind. The name is Raizen Nakamura its a pleasure to meet you Asher." With that small greeting out of the way he then stepped back a bit wanting to keep a little distance since even though the man showed no ill will he did want to make sure that he wasn't walking into a complete trap.

    Racking his brain for questions as the man offered the chance to Raizen sadly was drawing a few blanks before he just decided to go with the true test. "Well if your really as strong as you claim to be I wanna see it in action." He looked around a bit before spotting a rather large bolder, "That rock right there I wanna see if you can break it...with one blow." Seeing this as a quite normal challenge Raizen stood back and watched to see whether the man would accept the little test of might or not.
  7. After hours of flying, Gettispa manages to detect a blinking light in the centre of the blue scape known as the ocean.

    "So this is the... Earth Defense Force?" Gettispa lands where she presumes the source came from - a small island. Her shoes making contact with grass, she walks towards what appears to be a few silhouettes.

    "Hey there," her hand was behind her as a band of her hair morphed into a hand, waving. "A... handshake?" Letting out the alteres hair for a handshake, she nods. It was clear that she was a little unsure about Earth customs. "My name is... Gettispa."
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