Z Fighters Assemble! (AU DBZ Roleplay)

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    Hello All! This is my first attempt at being a GM, so why not start with a fandom and RP one of my favorite anime series of all time? You probably guessed that it was Dragon Ball Z by the title, and so you are right! I will list most of the rules and notes for it below instead of waiting for the sign up page to become a thing, since I don’t want to build up the interest of you guys only to have that smashed because you don’t like how the RP is going to go. If you have any questions after reading, then feel free to ask in this thread. Also it would be appreciated if you catch something that just doesn't make sense to you, so I can fix that up.

    - As the title suggests, this RP will take place in an alternate universe, one which has a ton of event changes. Of course this means that nothing in the manga/anime plot wise has happened, since Goku and his associates don’t exist. The Timeline is around the beginning of when Dragon Ball Z would start. This just means all the technology and races that existed at this time do exist, plus some more to add variety. Speaking of races, The saiyans were never taken over by Frieza’s army, as there isn’t a Frieza, no Saiyan-Tuffle War, as the saiyans never migrated to their planet, as well as any other wars I am forgetting about. Just assume that minimal war has occured between all known canon races. There is a lookout and a Kami on earth so that the Z Fighters can meet there. This also means Dragon Balls!! By the way all of the kais are the same ones from canon and are still alive. King Yemma also remains the same.

    - As the title also suggests, all RPers will be members of the Z Fighters, an organization founded by my character to keep peace on Earth as well as the rest of the planets around it, and even more in the future. Don’t worry about it not having enough diversity however, as I will allow any race to join. That is right, you can be someone from Frieza’s race in the Z Fighters, or perhaps even a Majin if you wanted, granted that their back story makes sense enough to allow it and also keep in mind that there will be a limit on the number of people who can be a certain race (All races are strictly 1 person only except for humans, which 2 people can make given the fact that earth mainly consists of humans, so you will have to reserve a spot below. I wish I could avoid the death race for character spots, but I want everyone on the team to be unique, not 5 Cells or Majin Buus running around). Also, this RP will only have 5 RPers(including me). This is to keep it simple for my first time doing this, but if I believe there to be more than 4 dedicated people among the interest check, then I might extend it to 6. (Note: My character will be an Android. Don’t worry though, Cell fans, since Bio-Android will be counted as a separate race in this case. My friend Zeroisdead will be Frieza's race).

    - We will have Ally NPCs to help on our journey, starting with the genius scientist that created my character, as well as a human swordsman who is about as strong as all of us in the beginning. If you do leave the rp, which will be inevitable for at least one person, then I will have your character turned into an Ally NPC. If you leave in the middle of a chapter and serve a very important part in it however, you will most likely be killed off, since random disappearances never sat well with me.

    - As a GM, the only thing I will really be controlling throughout the world is the general idea of each chapter and the introduction of the main enemies. Other than that, it is up to the team to decide how they handle a crisis, which enemies they kill, spare, or even convince to join the team if they can be convinced, as an Ally NPC. Things like this can greatly effect the plot, and might even destroy some ideas for future chapters in order to coalesce with the actions of the team, which is good, because change is awesome. I won’t be controlling henchmen during battle, only the main enemies. I might get a friend to NPC that however, as I am not the best at it.

    - I know the canon doesn’t limit a lot of ultimate moves by race, but I will in this roleplay, simply to make everyone’s finishers unique. You can ask me questions about that if it will help you decide who you want to be IC. Also, I will allow you guys to make your own ki techniques, but I will closely monitor them to make sure they aren’t illogical even for DBZ, or to make sure that they are not OP.

    - Make sure that no matter what your character is like or where they were brought up, they won’t easily be tempted to kill their own teammates, unless the person in question allows you to kill them or they bait your character with theirs OOC. I can’t really save either of you if both of your characters are both ass holes and short tempered lol, though I can only hope the team doesn’t kill each other this way. There will also be no traitors among the team unless it is plot, and you WILL be beaten down by a little thing I like to call plot-law, since I want a nice happy ending unless everybody in the roleplay votes for an ending of death and destruction.

    - Everyone on the team will have around the same power level. We are all trained martial artists as well as skilled in what we do. That means humans are very close to their unlocked potential, saiyans are very close to attaining super saiyan, and other races are close to getting their power-ups as well. For Frieza’s race, whoever picks the race will not have trained at all due to your significant power level without having to, and this is the only way I can balance everyone to be the same in power. Also, there are no numbers in power levels so I won’t have to regulate something like that. Sorry people who want to shout ‘It’s over 8000!!!!’ but Power Level BS is on a ton of sites. There will be time to train in between chapters, so the time you use then will determine how powerful you are compared to teammates. For instance, if you are in the hyperbolic time chamber the whole time(at least 2 months of ic time is in between chapters, and at least 1 ooc week), while your Z fighter buddies are slacking around picking up women the whole time, there will be a significantly monstrous difference in power (I don’t even need to say who would be stronger in this case >.>). The time difference between the world and the hyperbolic time chamber will decrease from canon by the way, but I am not sure how much yet.

    - Speaking more on chapters, there will be about 3 or 4, since I would rather not have a never-ending rp that would most likely have a countless number of Z Fighters cycled in and out. Even I might get bored after 4 chapters. I hope to have every chapter be 1 or 2 months long, and if they become longer then that means interest in the rp has decreased significantly between the current RPers.

    - There is a posting order, but it isn’t the typical one. Basically everyone takes their turn posting in a post cycle, and once that cycle is over, anyone can post in almost whatever order as long as you are only posting once per cycle. Someone who was last in the cycle can not post again until at least one other person posts however, since you are not allowed to double post of course.

    - Activity wise, I expect you all to at least be able to post once every two days. Please don’t leave in the middle of the chapters either, as I would at least want you to be dedicated to the part of the story you are already a main character of. If it isn’t because of an IRL emergency, and just because you lost interest, in the future when I make more DBZ RPs, you won’t be allowed to join any of them.

    - No important character face-claims. I am pretty sure you could find another Majin Buu or saiyan or any other race if you try hard enough, based on the fact that there are a ton of Deviantart DBZ fans. If you really can’t find one however, or they just don’t suit your style, whatever that may be, then you can talk to me about it via PMs and we can work out something.

    - Finally, please be fairly good at detailing your posts. What I want are well thought out fights that can last hundred of words or posts if you are fighting the enemy with an ally, not one-line KOs, unless they are against small time henchmen. I understand that after a while just beating up a ton of enemies does get bland(as DBZ is known for it’s constant power-up beat down scenes), but if you introduce something new and fresh in each one like a special way the enemy fights, or how you fight, then maybe not. I hope to be able to get past this inevitable situation by throwing out new stories that will keep your attention, but I am sorry if I cannot and you end up leaving down the road. Also make sure that your words have little to no grammar mistakes. If this happens frequently I might ask you to leave the RP, as it is not fun to tumble over so many mistakes as you read. Make sure you read your post before sending it to help rid of these mistakes.

    I think I got everything that was vital to determining if you are interested or not, and if I did not then I will just edit and put in more before the sign up page is up. I hope you guys enjoy the idea. If I see enough people taking interest I will make a sign up thread as soon as possible. I really hope that my first idea as a GM is good enough!


    Android: @Axel Rover
    Frieza's Race: @Zeroisdead
    Custom Race: @Crow
    Human: @Blitzfang43

    Spots Left: 1
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  2. I'm in of course...
    Hopefully as a Frieza race ^^
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  3. Can we have Canon or Twin characters?
  4. Sorry, but no. I want our characters to be unique to the Roleplay.
  5. Not even twin huh... alright i'll still join. I grew up watching DBZ so i naturally would join something like this.
  6. Good to hear. Hmmm, I suppose I will let peeps reserve characters in this thread based on who joins in order, so what race will you be Edward?
  7. Human/super sayian. :)
  8. Alright, 2 spots left. Remember that if you are joining this, at least be dedicated for Chap 1.
  9. Wait, Hybrid? Well, since it is with human, I guess that is alright.
  10. Well i was thinking he was born on earth like gohan. Does that make him a human/super sayian or just a super sayian?
  11. Well, if both of his parents are full saiyan, then he is a saiyan regardless of where he was born.
  12. Alright
  13. I'd love to try out this Rp, but there is one issue; I can't decide on a race! I can't chose between a Namekian, a Makyan, Zarbons race, a Cell, Frieza's race, Ginyu's race or Jiece's race!! It's so hard to choose!
  14. I'm tempted. What are the limits on races?
  15. Well, obviously I don't want any Beerus characters going around, since he is pretty much a god. No Kais, and uh... I think that is it. I am not very limiting since a diversity of races would give variety to the rp.

    I am kind of iffy on Ginyu's race though, since I am pretty sure you mean you want to use the Body Change tech. If you do so, I might have to regulate it. It would be pretty interesting to see an ally do it though, going body to body between our enemies.
  16. You two may want to hurry, as you haven't reserved a race yet, so others can get ahead of you.

    EDIT: Since it sounds like you two are ready to be dedicated to the RP, I will reserve you two until the end of the day(10 hours left my time). If you haven't reserved a race by then however, others will be allowed to take your spot. Until then, this RP is closed to any other people.
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  17. To be honest, I just wanted to try out Ginyu's horns! Haha, but at the end of the day, I choose Zarbons race
  18. Ok, the Sign-Ups will be up tonight. We will start the IC when all 5 of us have our characters made. @Crow if you want to join then let me know soon.
  19. Yes, I do wish to join as a Frieza Clansman. Since Frieza doesn't exist, my character's race will have no known in-lore name.
  20. We already have a Frieza Clansman. Sorry, but choose a race that hasn't been taken.