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  1. Reference: http://bokunoheroacademia.wikia.com/wiki/Boku_no_Hero_Academia_Wiki

    Fifty years ago, the first of many superpowered humans - a luminescent baby - was born in a town in China luminescent baby, followed soon after by numerous paranormal reports. Now, humans with these special abilities - called Quirks - account for more than 80% of the population, and laws have been put in place to regulate their misuse. With the increase of quirk-related crimes, the government has founded an official superhero initiative where costumed heroes straight out of American comic books are paid to protect the public by combating and apprehending villains that seek to misuse their abilities.

    To train said heroes, various academies of heroics have been founded around the world. Chief among them is Yuuei, the #1 high school for heroics in the world with a wide curriculum taught by professional heroes, an advanced robotics program, and several replica cities built on campus for practical hero training. Less than 1 in 300 Yuuei hopefuls pass its stringent entrance exam, and those that do will spend the next three years undergoing rigorous foundational training aimed at molding them into heroes of the highest caliber.

    A Quirk is a special power possessed by 80% of the population. Quirks come in an enormous variety of forms and are generally unique to the individual, but there is known to be a genetic factor as well. Similar to the X-gene in Marvel, it is common for Quirks to cause physical mutations in one's appearance, so human beings in this world can vary massively in appearance without facing stigma.

    Powerful quirks tend to come with limits or drawbacks as well. For example, Shouto Todoroki's freezing ability can cause him to suffer frostbite, Ochako Uraraka's ability to negate gravity is limited to touch range and causes her to feel nauseous or ill when overextended, and Fumikage's ability grows weaker and more docile in sunlight.

    If you're having any trouble with making a quirk, feel free to ask in the thread or send me a PM.

    Character Template:
    Template (open)

    Character Name:
    Hero Name: N/A for students
    Occupation: Ask me before you make a non-student.
    Class: All student characters will be in Class 1B.

    Appearance: A picture or a written description.
    Hero Costume/Equipment: (Optional to start) Upon acceptance into Yuuei, a student will receive a personalized costume potentially including advanced equipment designed to synergize with their quirk. For example, a hero with explosive sweat would have canisters that store his sweat in order to generate larger explosions. Describe any such equipment, and the costume's appearance if preferred.



    Quirk Name:
    Quirk Description:


    Characters (open)

    Character Name: River Chaloux (WIP)
    Hero Name: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Occupation: Student
    Class: 1B


    Image (open)

    Hero Costume/Equipment:


    Quirk Name: Energy Ball
    Quirk Description: River is able to gather energy near his hand, forming a solid white ball in its palm. It very much resembles a racquetball ball in both size and effect, although packs a heavier punch when striking something. It will bounce off any surface without losing speed, and can effectively bounce forever unless caught. However, it is not created with any momentum, so it must be physically thrown or launched through a separate device.


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