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  1. This will only contain FxF plots, pairings and the like. I am sorry if that doesn't tickle your fancy. HOWEVER! There is a plot in here involving multiple partners, a few of which are male.

    Hello and welcome, fellow yuri-heads!

    I am looking for a partner or two to come along and be merry with me (and hey, if you want to bring along a third person - go for it!) while I remain in this rather free, boring part of my life. I would like to see some amazing plots built with even more amazing yuri blended into it seamlessly. It doesn't have to be clean all the time, either, just so you know. ;)!

    Any who, I will place a few plots right here, with pairings below that. Happy looking through, dears.

    Everyone Against Pierette (open)
    Pierette is an honest and kind girl who could never do anything wrong - at least academically. She becomes the talk of the school when she is found out to have been felt up by one of the admittedly handsome teachers - the same teacher Your Character has a crush on. Fuelled by jealousy and anger at the petite girl, Your Character wishes to take revenge... Although what this may entail, is down to you. Be prepared to continue two or three side characters here, as it'll be quite alive indeed.


    A Long Way Home (open)
    A shaman with an extraordinary connection to nature finds herself following the trail of Your Character, who appears to be some kind of half plant, half human being. The two are to meet, however, how will the shaman react to knowing that Your Character was once one of her tribe..?

    Island Horrors (open)

    After paying several thousand dollars for a ticket to an exclusive island, Your Character was not to know that they would be shipwrecked and eventually wake up upon the island everyone had been telling you to avoid. My Character soon finds you, and with a small offering of support, maybe the two will be able to traverse an island known for monsters which hunt humans - and love women in particular.

    Insert Interesting Title Here (open)
    I'll just put this here as more of an experiment than anything, something along the lines of a pure, heavenly sexual experience for both of the characters we come up with. It can involve many fetishes, kinks, all that mumbo-jumbo. Expect some weird, out there shit here - I'm expecting it too. :P


    Pairings! (open)
    Ah, a rather simple section indeed. If it helps, though, it is worth making. * will depict my interest in that role of the pairing, but negotiations are always welcome.
    Teacher x Student*
    Tutor x Student
    Samurai* x Disgraced Geisha
    Lady-in-waiting x Lady-in-waiting
    Archer x Rogue
    Harlot x Shy Girl*
    Monster Girl x Monster Girl (doesn't exactly matter which type it is, as long as they're original ^^)
    Nurse x Patient
    Queen x Commoner
    Girl x Best Friend's Older Sister*
    Prison Warden x Inmate
    Winged Girl x Grounded Girl (aka, they had their wings clipped)
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  2. I wouldn't mind trying harlot x shy girl if you're open to it. Maybe we could even bring that idea into your last plot idea with all of the heavenly sex that was promised. :) Let me know!
  3. Hey there! While I am open for the Harlot x Shy Girl idea, unfortunately, I've already got a couple of people for the last idea, though it would fit rather well with the pairing at hand. We could see what we can do with it, but I can't promise such things. That, and I've been lazy to not close some things up since I've got peeps for them and all. :P
    I do hope you'll still want to come along, though!
  4. Sure. :)
  5. Okidoki! Well, with your show of interest, this thread is closed until further notice. :3
  6. Monster girl x monster girl? :3
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