Yuna's Request Thread

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  1. Hello there, I see you come across my request list. :3

    Let's cut to the chase here, I know what you are browsing for!

    Please be active as much as possible.
    One post a day is acceptable.

    Proper grammar is a must, and always spell check!

    I am a mature role player, so I have very little limitations when it comes to explicit language and sexual themes.

    I only do heterosexual pairings, and most of the time I do play male when it comes to pairings. Some pairings I would like to play as a female. With fandoms, I usually double.

    So, here are some genres!


    Harry Potter
    The Hobbit
    Lord of the Rings
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    The Avengers
    Once Upon A Time
    Big Hero 6
    Rise of the Guardians
    How To Train Your Dragon
    Twisted Disney/Fairy tales

    Trace Me If You Can [Cyberpunk (open)
    It is the year 3065, and the world has changed completely. Technology has been taking over, making things easier for the world to function. Even some people rely on a bio mechanic system in their body to help them survive. In this setting, there is a hacker that strives to break into government computers and spreading information to the public. An agent is assigned to try to find this hacker and take them down, but the hacker is too quick to cover their tracks.

    *I wish to play the hacker.

    Journey to a New World [Steampunk (open)
    Air ships are useful in this day of age, since they are used to trade and travel to one place to another. One researcher is set up onto a journey, wanting to go somewhere that has never been traveled before. No one dares to travel with the researcher because it is a mission that they would not possibly come back from. As the researcher is about to give up, one air ship pilot overhears them talking about the journey to a bartender. With nothing to lose, the air ship pilot agrees to go on this adventure.

    *I wish to play the captain.

    The Oracle [Fantasy (open)
    The Oracle can foresee the future of the world and how it will become. A mercenary is hired to kidnap the oracle from the Kingdom of Cypress, to be taken to a dark mage that wishes to take down the kingdom that was supposed to be rightfully his. Without the oracle at the kingdom's side, they are doomed to know what will their future would be. The dark mage imprisons the oracle, but the oracle tells that the dark mage is making a grave mistake because by stealing the oracle means that war will be coming. The Kingdom of Cypress has powerful allies.

    PM me if interested!