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    It's that time again, and I am looking for a couple of more partners because I have a working laptop now. Yay!

    Let me tell you something about me.
    I have been role playing for over 10+ years, and I really do enjoy it.
    With that said, I do not care for post length. Writing is meant to be fun. One liners are cool, as long as I can reply to it. Paragraphs are loved, and novels are cool too. Post length does not matter. I match whatever is given me.

    What I do care for is spelling, as well as grammar. I don't want to sit here and decipher what you are trying to write to me with question marks over my head. It happens, and I don't like it.

    Now, I am looking for straight pairings only.
    Male and female relationships.
    With that said, I can play as either gender unless stated otherwise. Since I have a multiple of female characters going around, I am now open to playing more males.

    Doubling is wonderful, by the way.

    I am doing my list of what I want a little different than most people. The pictures in the below posts will represent the characters I want my partner to play as from that certain thing, and I will be anyone in return. Click the links to jump to the post!

    (I freaking love gifs.)

    PM if interested!

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  2. Movies/Shows


  3. Anime/Games

  4. Pairings

    King x Servant
    Prince x Servant
    Queen x Knight
    Princess x Servant
    Gypsy x Priest
    Gypsy x Pirate

    Boss x Employee
    Teacher x Student
    Mob Boss x Bodyguard
    Assassin x Target
    Police Officer x Criminal
    Spy x Spy

    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Long Distance
    Band Member x Fan
    Celebrity x Fan​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.