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  1. Heres our plotting thread guys. Let's come up with the plot together- Im thinking the two cannon Von Schroeders and Ana atre special in they have Xros Loaders?
  2. Xros loader hmm... (haven't watch fusion at a lot but to have xros loader would be good... so that they can "luminize" like in future card buddyfight?)
  3. [So my oc and her brothers are Fusion generation......so should we have the digidestined from both gens, then th etamers and data squad divices to?[]
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  4. yeah that would varied things a lot~
  5. Are you sure you guys are talking about yugioh? I stopped playing after Zexal and I stopped watching the series after 5DS, but... they must have changed practically everything with the introduction of Pendulums. Once I read up on that kind of stuff I'll be willing to join though. How do you intend to do it? Use Dueling Network for the duels and use the chatbox for the RP part or have people write down what happens? The second one usually doesn't work very well though. I once had someone draw as if they had 4 of the same (limited) card in their deck.
  6. I'll probrably take a look.

    And Dibs on the Dark Magician Deck!
  7. I claim Malefics.
  8. i use dueling network. sand we were discussing a yu-gi-oh digimon crossover
  9. hoeever events involving the von schroedersmust be typed out because well- the cards dont exist in dueling network. so ive really got to constantly rewatch yu-gi-oh over the corse of the rp
  10. Hang on... digimon... yugioh crossover? Isn't digimon more a pokemon style thing? I have absolutely no idea how digimon works. I assumed the Digital World was something introduced in the pendulum series.
  11. I use YGOpro. :(
  12. DN is better IMO. It allows for the use of custom cards and rulesets provided all parties agree to the rules of those cards/rulesets beforehand. All you need to do is give your opponent a link to the custom card's details, then agree that for example Black Luster Soldier is being a place holder for that custom card.
  13. AH! i shoulda said it was a crossover...but your occan be just yu-gi-oh if you want.
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