Youtuber romance Roleplay. MxM. Fluffy. Very active.

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  1. Number one: Have fun with it. Let's make up plot as we go along :)

    Number two: Please be active. I must have a couple replies each day. I won't make it difficult, as I only post a paragraph or so for each character.

    Number three: I only do slash. Though I'm willing to double and include a het pairing. You've just got to be comfortable including a slash pairing in this Rp, especially as we move on to more mature scenes.

    Number four: This will be long term. As in, I won't hurry to end it. I barely ever actually end my rp's, sometimes they go on for a very long time. Be willing to just Rp slice-of-life fluff. Not constant drama.


    Now to the pairings!

    I am DESPERATE to do a Chris Kendall/My Oc male (I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER)

    The other Youtubers I'm very familiar with are shown below. But I'm only really interested in you playing Chris for my character, or Phil. XD I'm feeling picky today.

    Toby Turner
    The Rooster teeth gang

    Pm me or post here if interested!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.