Youtube Peronalities!

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  1. So anyone who's even remotely been to youtube may or may not know that there are people who actually make their living on youtube their partnership program. These youtube personalities typically have a shit ton of followers, post things nearly everyday, and are insanely popular for whatever reason.

    So I ask Iwaku, what youtube personalities if any do you follow? I personally follow Totalbiscuit, OMFGcata, The Yogscast, and Tobuscus.
  2. I follow Force and NicePeter...

    Diablo III news and other gaming news from one... the other does the epic rap battles..
  3. Lately I've been watching those DeliciousCinnamon guys, the ones who did/are doing the play-through of the horribly translated Vietnamese Pokemon Crystal. They're pretty funny most of the time.
  4. Most of my subscriptions are to people that redo songs in a rock version...
    But I have one, to someone called Charlie somethingor other that makes me laugh...
  5. Philip DeFranco
  6. I'm with ViralFiend. Philip DeFranco is pretty awesome. I also like a lot of NigaHiga's videos.

    Does the Machinima channel count as a youtube personality?
  7. I like DeStorm, HCbailey (Let's plays), that crazy Swedish cook dude is cool too. There are some others, those are just off the top pf my head.
  8. Lots of make up gurus...

    Bubsbeauty, Michellephan, Gossmakeup, and Queen of Blending.

    Other stuff I subscribe to is FreddieW, Katers17, SMP Films, Mean Kitty, Mediocre Films, and Foodwishes...

    Yeah I'm on Youtube a lot.
  9. Video Games Awesome & NicePeter
  10. WongFu, JustKiddingFilms, Timothydelaghetto, Destorm, JustFeng, Wax, RonPaul2008dotcom and some others I forgets.
  11. DasBoSchiit and Totalbiscuit

    I don't think DasBoSchiit actually makes money off Youtube, though.
  12. Cooking With Dog. If you don't watch Cooking With Dog, there is a hole in your soul that needs filling.