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  1. What I'd Like:
    As an aspiring YouTuber, I'm searching for someone to construct a suitable banner for my channel. I'd do this myself, but have no access to high quality editing programs on my computer. Everything I'd like is listed below in the 'Requirements' section. Thanks in advance! :)

    Photos (open)


    "Never Forget to Smile" - Written in an elegant, yet readable script.
    Colors - Purple, Blue, Green & Black.

    Format (THIS IS CRUCIAL)
    Template (open)


    My Gratitude:
    Please put your signature or logo somewhere on the banner, because I want credit to be given. I can't afford to pay, but I'll link your graphic's shop or whatever you ask me to put, in the description of all my videos and channel so people can find you. I'll even give you a shout out in my videos, at the ending. Thank you!
  2. I'll give it a go :)
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  3. Much appreciated!
  4. Does this work for you? If you want changes just let me know.

    Youtube Banner (open)
  5. I like it.

    However, could you change the moon picture to this and have it centered or to the right?
    Moon (open)

    Also, make the text gradient from black to dark purple or green/blue and dark purple or green/blue to white? Which ever colors you think look the most flattering of those.

    Lastly, can you incorporate this image?
    Image (open)
  6. Sure, I'll switch those things about for you.
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  7. Thank you greatly!
  8. @Nica
    No problem at all, I'll have something up for you soon, just hang tight for me.
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  9. No problem. :P
  10. @Nica I would like to try to create one for you as well. Would that be okay or are going to stick with Fijoli?
  11. You're more than welcome. :)
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  12. Wow! That's absolutely beautiful! :DD

    I'd love to use it. Do you mind?

    You'll be given credit, of course.

    Banner (c) -Just tell me what you'd like here-
  13. I can make it bigger! just gimmie a few minutes and for the credit put © GaaraXVamp (just search that in youtube, thats my channel and feel free to watch my amvs while you wait for the bigger banner)
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  14. One last thing, I'll ask you for any future banners if you'd be willing to accept the task (perhaps holiday themed ones or something next year. Haha), but could you change the font? I had a friend look at the banner and she loves it, but the text is a little difficult to read.
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  15. I'm sorry.

    That looks fantastic.

    Everything is perfect! :DD
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  16. The image needs to be reduced to no more than 2MB for it to fit. Also, the text needs to be split on both sides of the moon instead of above and under because it doesn't show up. Sorry for the hassle. Blame YouTube. Thank you for everything, sorry for all the corrections.