You're Invited to the May Day Masquerade!

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    Each year in the village of Willow's Shielding, a day of idleness and pleasantries is held in the honor of Flora, goddess of flowers and the spring. The stories say that those who kiss their sweetheart on May Day will marry within the year! Gathering in the grove known as Pan's Glen on the outskirts of the village, the people of the town feast and dance and make merry in togas and chitons, wearing animal masks, and escape from the modern world until well after the sun goes down. At midnight of the new day, a May King and Queen are crowned; the annual festivities are always planned by the King and Queen of the preceding year.

    Come and celebrate with us!

    Who: All of Iwaku, along with your hosts, Ozzie and Diana!
    Where: Roleplay Main Lobby
    When: 12 PM May 20th to 12 AM May 21st (server time/U.S. Central)
    What: A May Day celebration in Greco-Roman style!
    Bring: Your character, a toga/chiton, and a mask!

    The Rules

    1. You may only play as one character.

    2. Willow's Shielding is a human, "real world" town. Other than pagan ceremonies, it appears to be perfectly normal. So no fantasy races or aliens or anything else weird like that.

    3. Do not tell anyone which character you're playing until the event is over!

    4. You can jump in or leave at any time, although you will need to be around at midnight if you want to catch the May King and Queen coronation.

    5. Have fun!
  3. This looks like it will be fun. =^___^=
  4. Another Masquerade?! Awesome!
  5. Yaaay! Parade! I mean party with ribbons!
  6. RUI WILL JOIN THIS USING ------ just turn him into a full human and blam fantasy factory outta there.
  7. Whelp, time for Jukebox to attend. ^^
  8. I do not think I'll be able to participate as I will be harassing my hosts!

    So what if one of them is in charge of the ball. <3
  9. Ok!

    Time to devise a character for this >:3 and this masquerade I'll pay attention to the chat...My jumping in and out of the space masquerade was eugh. e_o

    (Note to self: Don't watch Scenes from a Hat while chat roleplaying.)
  10. WOOO. 8D A couple more days away!
  11. Count down? xD

    3 days starting today! Wee! So excited!
  12. Yes! >w< Masquerades are quite fun.~

    I'm willing to stay up way past my bedtime before Monday...very willing. =w=
  13. Pshh who cares about school! Let's all have fun fun fun!
  14. Yay! Thanks for the notice up top. I totally have no sense of date now that classes are over. :/
  15. The Maquerade was pure awesome, you guys! Logs will be posted soon. In the meantime, WHO WERE YOU GUYS?

    I was Max Lennox, last year's May King and angry angry ex of Salvia. 8D
  16. ​I was Zerion. =^___^=
  17. I was Jayna!

    And can I say that when Ceru accidentally called me Layne, I burst out laughing? Silly cboxer xP
  18. Amberine got drunk and danced for a little while...
  19. I was Jason, the flautist! Made it easy to AFK while I just made him keep playing. Woo~!

    After Ceru did the Layne/Jayna split, I was just like, "I bet it's true! Why didn't I think of that?"
  20. I was Salvia, the May Queen and angry ex of Max. 8D It was fun entertaining everyone with our couple's quarrel.