You're invited to a Carnival of Souls!

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    A way back in the woods at the edge of town, there lies a derelict and abandoned fairground. The rides are rusted, the pavilions mildewed and dry-rotted, the grounds choked with vines and buried in scattered leaves. They say it went out of business some twenty years ago or more. No one really remembers why, other than a few hushed whispers about faulty equipment and a lawsuit. The gate is chained shut, untouched. Only the bravest living souls in town ever dare venture there, and those who do tell their friends that a chill hangs in the air, an unnatural silence...

    Except for three nights of the year, when it's said that the piping sounds of calliope music can be heard, accompanied by raucous laughter, and dancing lights can be glimpsed through the trees.

    What no living soul knows is that on these three October nights, the souls of the dead walk the woods. The ghosts and monsters of legend come out to play, and the old fairground is the main attraction... because Baines's Cirque des Mortes is in town, for three nights only. This troop of ghouls and grotesques puts on a hell of a show, and admission only costs you the two coins laid over your eyes (or someone else's).


    Ringmaster Verlie, Shadow Summoner Extraordinaire- or Oliver Hadlie, as he was known in life- heads up the show. His tricks and charms mask a sinister mind...


    Tsura, the fortune teller, seems to be a living gypsy woman... but she's been working for the carnival as long as anyone can remember...


    This year marks the 160th deathday of Leonide Baines. The precocious child of the carnival owner, Leonide has always been kept on a short leash. But tonight, the final night of the carnival before it closes for one more year, the carnival's little darling slips away into the crowd, looking for excitement and someone to cuddle up to in the coffin...

    Welcome to the Masque!

    All of Iwaku! Your hosts for the evening will be Ozzie, Diana, and Kitti.
    WHAT: A spooky carnival chat RP in the spirit of Halloween!
    WHERE: Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: 12 PM October 28th to 12 AM October 29th (server time/US Central)
    BRING: Your character and your tickets!

    1.) You may play either a member of the carnival itself (performer, someone running a booth, even an attraction), or a guest taking in the show.
    If you are playing a carnie, you may not play either ringmaster or fortune teller. These roles are already being filled by the hosts.

    2.) This is a Masquerade! For those of you who haven't attended previous Masked Chat Balls, this means that
    you should not tell anyone which character you are playing until the event is over. (Please note that this does not actually mean you should wear a mask in character!)

    All characters should be ghosts, goblins, or other things that go bump in the night. While mortals might find their way to the fairgrounds, they are very likely to be picked on or even eaten by most of the carnival-goers, so watch out!

    Keep it fun, and don't harass other players. A little action is fine, but if you take it too far you'll get your butt booted out! Remember, this is a carnival. Everyone is here to have fun.

  2. YAY! 8D
  3. RL Stein eat your heart out, You just played up an old school Goosebumps book if If I ever did see one. :P
  4. I will attempt to make it to this chat RP! It has been a really long time since I have taken part in any of the Chat RPs, so this will be as good an opportunity as any to have some paranormal fun.
  5. I'll be apart of this! :)
  6. I missed the last Masque and wasn't here for any before that one so I'm super excited for this!
  7. I'ma try to come, but I have to see how it works with my schedule. And Ill have to perfect my character. <3
  8. *starts to sing Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera*

    ...although I'm thinking more along the lines of the Masque of the Red Death : D
  9. I don't know you but just from that one sentence I love you SO MUCH <3<3<3<3<3 That made me wanna do a POTO rp... -pewfs away to contemplate-

    Oh, right, do we need to let anyone know in general if we wanna be a carnie? JW, I haven't even decided yet ... .-.
  10. I clocked in, saw someone with a scythe, raged, and clocked out.
  11. its so hard to read cause it keeps bouncing back to the top X.x
  13. is there a how to guide for chat rps cause I've never done one b4
  14. You basically just do it as you do a thread RP, only the responses are quicker and you have to keep an eye on the person who you spoke to or did an action toward to see when they react or respond. It's much more fast-paced and public.
  15. sound draining -__- I'm already about to pass out as it is so maybe next time lol *BIG YAWN*
  16. nope but it looked 3D for me if I starred at it too long XD
  17. Waiiiit.... -has heard that said before- >:T
  18. really where?
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