You're home alone and you hear footsteps upstairs...

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Tabby was browsing a topic elsewhere where they were posting face-reactions. But I want to know what YOU WOULD DO if you were hearing footsteps, and you KNOW you're home alone! No one is supposed to be there!

Do you freak out, or get in to asskicking mode?
I do both. Been in that situation before. First i freaked out then I grabbed the nearest object (i think it was a cuticle scissors, scary i know!) search the house with my dogs. Then locked all the doors and went back to previous activities!
Dim the lights, stick on a CD, and find me a condom...
Take a deep breath and get ready to have the greatest night of my life.
Ampoule, you can't be the person upstairs in my scenario.

It doesn't work that way.
In my case it dosen't matter....barracks rooms and all

but if my situation was different I'd probably take out the old boltgun.
First I freak out, crawl into a corner and cry silently.
And when I realize that the threat is real, I plan ways to kick butt and runnn awayy.
My mind would start flipping through all the worst scenes and possibilities from every horror movie I've ever seen.

Honestly, the thought of this like... paralyzes me with fear, I cannot even tell you how I would react. I'm a very paranoid person who's imagination is an evil fucking imp that likes to make me want to crawl into a sanitation bubble and be isolated from the world.

So yeah, needless to say... I would flip. I would probably grab my phone, hide, and either call 911 if I thought I wouldn't be heard, or text someone to do it for me.

If there was anything I could use as a weapon I would grab that too.

Damn, now I'm paranoid and imagining being kidnapped by the cultists from the French horror movie "Martyrs"... T_T Goddammit.
I hear lots of things when home alone. If I were in that situation I'd grab nearest object could use as defensive weapon and search upstairs though. Often times it's just my cat mousing around o.O
I slip out into the garage, grab my shotgun, load it up, and get down to business. And yes, I do personally own a shotgun. I'm one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, but if someone is a threat to my life, I will be the same for them.
Well, since when I'm at home, I'm usually watching the children, I'd probably focus on sending them across the street to the neighbor's house. ._.
So, I'd probably be killed o.O
Well...In this case I live upstairs... Which is where all my guns live and I have rounds for the heaviest caliber rifle I own~ Of course, I'd use something like that as a last ditch means of self defense, it's far better to run away vs. having to kill another human being. However, if I wanna scare the crap out of a would be burglar I also have a nice variety of close quarter melee weapons that I know how to use, again not something I'd like to do.
I'd tell the neighbor to stop doing whatever bullshit he's doing because I live in an apartment.
But Darkness, you can be as loud as you want when you're making the nasty.
Knowing it to be a figment of my imagination, I will move myself to the living room, and begin meditating in order to calm my mind.
I would probably hide and call 911 after grabbin' the nearest object I could use to defend myself.