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    Guy Gardner.

    Two words that should evoke something within someone. Often Dislike, or even Hatred. Sometimes even laughs. But the one thing that no one has ever truly felt for him was the thing he sorely missed growing up in Baltimore, with his drunken, abusive father and mother who appreciated his brother more than him, no matter how hard he worked in school and life, even being bumped on the head and finally causing him to snap, and become the 'guy' we all know today.

    Guy was floating around through New York City. Every now and then, he looked back on an old photo of himself and the main team for the Justice League International unit, focusing every now and then on a couple people, including a couple of girls, one white and blue, the other green, but not a lantern. The JLI was a crazy, yet fun group. It was the one that Tora was in. AKA Ice. She was just so strange. Through all of his behavior, she always kept positive, and put up with it. When she couldn't put up to it, she would always come up to him and plead him innocently to be nicer. And like a dog, he'd obey. She just had that magic about her-

    Oh Shit! Some nut in power armor was walking down a street in Queens. He was absorbing electricity, coincidentally…this was that freak, OHM, like the electrical unit. The idiot wanted to siphon all the power in Los Angeles when Guy's good friend, Kyle Rayner, another Green Lantern, was just starting out, and kicked OHM's ass.

    And OHM was about to come upon a playground full of helpless children. Guy went wide eyed, and sent out an emergency message to anyone he could reach, especially old friends from the JLI.

    In this case, only Ice would probably respond, and by pure luck: She lived in the city after leaving the team…much like Guy did...


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  2. Ice was quietly relaxing, enjoying some time to herself. When she wasn't defending the city, she would enjoy a nice little rest. "Hnn...~"

    -- Just then, she was alerted by Guy's message. "!" Oh goodness, this is exactly what she didn't want happen. It's one thing if theres an attack on the city. But a playground?! Those poor children...

    Ice immediately flew out of the house and towards the scene of action.
  3. (I actually don't know for sure all her powers, but did you look up her character? o.o)


    "It's no use, Lantern!" Barked OHM. "I have given myself a new armament, a pla-"

    "Ugh! Will you shut up?!" Barked Guy, who was guiding the kids away. He'd created a dome around them, and one for himself. "These brats are enough trouble!"

    "You sound as though you care nothing for them."

    "Damn right I don't!" Lied Guy. In truth, he was about to have a heart attack when his ring detected the smallest bit of static inside the orb construct where the kids continued to mess around while watching him 'save the day'


    One little toddler was all alone, starting to bawl his little eyes out, as he sat on his innocent little tush, and saw the battle begin, Guy summoning the construct of a machine gun out of thin air, and firing it at OHM, who was pushed back. The construct had an extra punch thanks to Guy's sheer willpower…well, powering it. Not like a regular machine gun with regular bullets.

    Still, that was a really cute little kid just in the middle of chaos, as people watched the events occur from a safe distance, a woman crying for her baby, being restrained by policemen.
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    Ice flew in near the kid, grabbing him into a hug and picking him up. "Shh...Don't cry, dear. That man in green is protecting you! And I am too.~" she said softly to the child, trying her best to calm him down. She saw the policemen and the woman and assumed that the child was hers. Ice flew over to the mother and gave her her child back. "There you go.~ ...Now then," Ice said to herself, looking to the fight.
  7. ( Here's some info on powers, and some history)

    The woman took her child, and gave him a big hug. A random voice suddenly exclaimed "THANK YOU WONDER WOMAN!"


    With the kids out of harm's way, Guy was ready to kick some ass and tear open this guy's armor, as he generated a new construct: A Buzz saw-

    What the hell was this guy doing?…Oh, shit.

    OHM slammed his fists, digging into the ground and pulling out some wires, as the nearby street lamp began to electrocute the Lantern. Thankfully he had a reserve source of energy in his ring dedicated to flight, and a protective aura that defended the user from mortal harm, as he fell to the ground, forcing the saw construct into OHM's armor a bit, before the construct disappeared, Guy's concentration broken...

    "Urk!" He choked out, as he tried to climb back up to fight. "Tora, sweetie, if all the kids are safe…We should tag team this asshole!"