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You're a King and I'm a Lionheart.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Dip, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Hello! If you've listened to Of Monsters And Men - King And Lionheart, then you might understand what the title means! If not, that's alright too.

    I've been listening to the band for a while now, and whilst I was listening to this song, I was letting my mind wonder and I came up with a small idea!

    This isn't set in stone, but it was the best I came up with. So, say there is this soldier/knight/hunter (or something that would fit the description of a lionheart. ) and then a king/heir to the throne/sovereign prince/ect ect ect. And say there is a war going on between two kingdoms, or something along the lines of that. Anything will work, as long as it fits the title ' Lionheart'. Somehow, their story gets intertwined or connected in some way, as in, the lionheart is AWOL - Absented Without Leave, or they give some information to the enemy or something like that.

    I don't know, that's all I've gotten so far. If someone wants to roleplay this, then by each and every mean, tell me! I would really love to roleplay this!