Your Worst Fear(s)?

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  1. You don't have to answer, don't have to read, but I'm curious (and doing some research) and I was really wondering what people's worst fear(s) were and why.

    As a note, if something may trigger someone or you don't want to post it here feel free to inbox/message me with it =3

    Mine would be waking up in a hospital with no memory of how I got there and being told that I've been unconscious/in a coma/ etc. for a long time.
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  2. …Being myself around people I care about, people who think they know what I'm like, and having them reject me for it.

    Lived through this fear a couple times.

    Not keen on doing it again.
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  3. Death

    I have a lot of fears - an abnormal amount, really - but my one obsessive, paralyzing fear is death. Not dying, just fading away, no longer having a consciousness, not even being able to mourn the fact that I no longer exist. Just typing this makes me want to start panicking. This is why I have a lot of trouble sleeping, or doing much of anything... kind of sucks. One little thing will trigger me into thinking about it, and then I'm awake for another three hours trying to calm myself down.

    On a less solemn note:

    I used to suffer from pretty severe emetophobia but I've managed to get it down just to "small fear." I did exposure therapy on myself for a period of around three years, and now I'm much better about it.
  4. Biggest fear...the dress up Halloween stuff. Like, I LOVE Halloween and scary movies/games and I actually enjoy hunting ghost. My house is haunted and I just love finding what goes bump in the night, but when people dress up is scares the ever living out of me. It doesn't make sense, I know and I've been trying to get over it for years now. Maybe this year will be the year...
  5. Trypophobia. (Irregular hole/circle pattern such as beehives, lotus seeds pods, etc.)


    It's gross, it makes my skin crawl, it gives me headaches and I will fuckin run from a beehive. I will clean and kill and DESTROY anything with those kinds of patterns. I have thrown away shirts, loofahs, and coffee with bubble/froth similar to that shape cause just ugh. no.
  6. Hm.... Where do I start? Oceans, sharks, lakes, rivers - most any natural body of water really, leaches, crocodiles, alligators, spiders and ants of all kinds except for perhaps sugar ants - I get these little black ants in the house where I live when we get heavy rain, they're harmless, wilderness, most bugs that aren't butterflies or moths, clowns, being outside alone super late at night, being home alone super late at night. That's really all I can name at the moment, but just wait and I'll think of more.

    EDIT: Ahahaha! I did! Public restrooms!

    EDIT AGAIN: Add germs to that list.
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  7. Mostly the dark and dieing like a pussy.
  8. Whenever I'm in the elevator, I'm scared that the wires might snap and the lift will drop down, along with me. So, I really hate it when someone keep jumping in the elevator. Also, I'm scared of people in costumes. Like, the ones we see in amusement park. Even if they're wearing a huge bunny costume or Micky Mouse costume, I get freaked out by them.
  9. Abandonment.

    It's not something I can't handle, mind you, but it's not something I particularly enjoy dealing with. Rebuilding from the loss and dealing with the emotional pain of it and moving on is a difficult process.
  10. Fucking. Caterpillars.

    More specifically; an invasion of caterpillars. My town had an invasion of those gross little wiggly things a lot of summers ago and I can never stop thinking it's going to happen again.

    This causes rather embarrassing outbursts from me from time to time. ._____.
  11. I'm afraid of opening up to people and trusting them.
  12. Falling.

    Just any old falling. Off a ladder, out of the chair, off my bed.

    Fuck you, Gravity. Cranky wanker.
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  13. Spiders. Bloody hell, spiders are the absolute worst. I mean, I don't hate them, in fact, I think they're fascinating creatures. I just wouldn't go anywhere within 100 feet of one. I'm even afraid to kill them, like squishing it will it summon hundreds more to come after me for revenge. *shiver* It gives me the chills just thinking about it.
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  14. Being stuck in a broken down elevator with a self righteous idiot who has explosive diarrhea of the mouth.

    And spiders.

    And anime cons. So many people in glomp groups....soooo many.
  15. Failure

    and confrontation
  16. I am afraid someone is going to peek in my bathroom window when I'm naked. ;_;

    I am also terrified of sleeping naked when there is thunderstorms or tornado weather, because I do not want to be fleeing naked if a tornado hits.
  17. My biggest fear is death. The thought of not existing anymore and not being able to see what happens in the future terrifies me. If there was a way to be immortal, whether uploading my consciousness to a computer (supposedly this one is in the works and a very viable thing in the next 50 years), or a drug/treatment that makes you live longer, I would take it no questions asked. Truthfully, it's probably not really death, but the thought of not have a consciousness and being able to think that terrifies me.

    That and flying insects that sting. Mainly wasps. They are such jerks!
  18. I'm a big giant wuss. I'm terrified of tons of things. Top spot goes to a combination of failure and abandonment, because they kind of go hand in hand. If I fail, I will be abandoned. If I'm abandoned, it's because I failed.


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  19. I've always ben afraid of heights. I even get kinda nervous when I have to climb on a chair for crying out loud. It doesn't help my mom keeps pointing it out. Whenever something needs to be gotten from a high cabinet or someone needs to climb to the roof, she's like 'Finhawk can do it'. (Though as a joke I believe but I don't wanna upset her by telling her it bothers me.)

    I was terrified of spiders as a kid too but nowadays they don't bother me at all. I actually tend to pick up spiders from branches and stuff and let them crawl all over my hand before putting them back where I found them. However, I still wouldn't want to wake up with a friggin' huge spider on my pillow.

    I'm also scared something might happen to my little sister while I'm unable to help. I've always been protective of the little monkey and I don't know how I could keep on living if I ever let anything happen to her. When we went to the same school as kids, I always cyckled the two kilometer trip to school with her, I just couldn't let her take that short trip in a safe neighborhood alone.
    ...And now I feel like checking she's alright but she's at a camp and it's already pretty late so calling her is out of the question.

    Then I'm scared of making big decisions and that I'm not good enough.

    Other minor things scare me as well but those are the worst ones.

    ...Wow, I never realized how many things I'm scared of. I'm such a wuss.
  20. Spiral Staircases >.<