Your winter Holiday Traditions!

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Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and god knows what else happens during the winter season, so just about everyone has traditions! Even if their tradition is just bitching about how much they hate the holidays. XD

What are YOUR holiday traditions in winter season?

When I was little and my parents still did Christmas, I always wanted to leave Santa pizza and coke instead of cookies and milk, cause I thought he would be sick of cookies by the time he got to our house. o__o; I intend to continue that with my monsters in the future. XD
I watch movies and get drunk all day on christmas with friends. Usually we'd have a standing rib roast or a turkey as well.

This year will be different though.....I don't really drink anymore so maybe just the turkey.
I would like to someday at christmas time fulfill my idea of "Extreme Lawn mowing". This consists of a motorcycle who's undercarriage has been raised high enough that a lawn mower blade can be attached the the underside of the bike. It is then a competition to see who can mow the lawn the fastest, and have the least amount of severed limbs by the end. A must-have for the idea would probably be Ancient feudal Austrian Sabatons.
Dude, I would SO participate in Extreme Lawn mowing.
I do christmas bitching!

I keep to a corner waiting for when I'm going to get yelled at. Which always happens, every year. We always go and see my grandparents on Christmas eve and on Christmas day we go see the other side of the family.

Maybe this is why I always end up depressed each year on Christmas.

Extreme lawn mowing over someones face sounds fun.
Talk about doing stuff, then complain about not doing stuff, cristmas eve make trifle and cristmas day eat trifle. We also seem to have pie more often in december *shrugs* family's not big on cristmas.