Your winter Holiday Traditions!

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  1. Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and god knows what else happens during the winter season, so just about everyone has traditions! Even if their tradition is just bitching about how much they hate the holidays. XD

    What are YOUR holiday traditions in winter season?

    When I was little and my parents still did Christmas, I always wanted to leave Santa pizza and coke instead of cookies and milk, cause I thought he would be sick of cookies by the time he got to our house. o__o; I intend to continue that with my monsters in the future. XD
  2. I watch movies and get drunk all day on christmas with friends. Usually we'd have a standing rib roast or a turkey as well.

    This year will be different though.....I don't really drink anymore so maybe just the turkey.
  3. I would like to someday at christmas time fulfill my idea of "Extreme Lawn mowing". This consists of a motorcycle who's undercarriage has been raised high enough that a lawn mower blade can be attached the the underside of the bike. It is then a competition to see who can mow the lawn the fastest, and have the least amount of severed limbs by the end. A must-have for the idea would probably be Ancient feudal Austrian Sabatons.
  4. Dude, I would SO participate in Extreme Lawn mowing.
  5. I do christmas bitching!

    I keep to a corner waiting for when I'm going to get yelled at. Which always happens, every year. We always go and see my grandparents on Christmas eve and on Christmas day we go see the other side of the family.

    Maybe this is why I always end up depressed each year on Christmas.

    Extreme lawn mowing over someones face sounds fun.
  6. Name: Sara
    Age: 13
    Appearance: (open)
    When she heard her mother was going to work on making everything real, making this place even more amazing Sara decided she should update her looks. She always liked the slime girl look, finding it adorable, so even her previous look was of a slime girl. However she decided to go with something that dripped less, something that looked more like a girl.
    Sara is a blue/green slime girl with long blue slime hair and green eyes. She’s never seen her real body (actively refusing to see it) so she doesn’t care if this matches her ‘real’ self at all. To her this is the real her and its only going to be more of her once her mommy makes it reality.

    Her body doesn’t quite have ‘privates’ thanks to being a slime literally her entire body could be her privates. But she decided to give herself breasts and even a feminine hourglass figure. Generally she will have a puddle at her feet which she will kick playfully, her feet can generally be made out in this puddle, but technically the puddle is still part of her body. She also has a blue/green transparent skirt.
    On her body the only thing thats not her is the Dpad shaped pin she has in her hair.

    Weapon wise Sara can use any weapon, and thanks to her tendency to make weapons out of her slime she often has literally every weapon at her disposal.

    Sex wise Sara has never had sex, never masturbated, and generally is clueless about things of that nature. She’s never paid attention when given the talk, and has only ever given kisses (she loves kisses) Which there is only two people who ever received her kisses, her best friend and her mother.

    Bio: (open)
    Sara is the daughter of Sophia Walker, however she has never seen the outside world. Ever since she was a baby Sara has been in a coma, she has never woken from this coma, and if asked tends to view ‘reality’ as a fake world. To her the only reality is the game world her mother created for her.

    Within this world Sara is queen, a girl who can do whatever she wishes and have fun doing so. Sure the game was released to the public, but on average there was no one in the game who was able to match Sara…well except her mother.

    Before she was five Sara was exploring the digital world and having fun, she did every quest, every mission, met every NPC, and even invented her own quests on the main island area. Then when she turned five Sara was the first to be able to use a new system called guilds. She created a guild to allow her to explore the oceans, however her guild did not allow players within, instead she filled out the guild with NPC’s. At lower levels this was only about twenty people.
    Her guild explored, and grew but was mostly peaceful, until she got attacked by another player. Here she learned something she could do with her guild. She could be a pirate.

    Oh at that point Sara was having fun, she was raiding other guilds, attacking random ships, even raiding actual land, mainly islands. Her guild grew, reaching the triple digits, then quadruple digits, then quintuple digits.
    By the time she turned ten Sara had a nation, she was the Slime Pirate Queen, 500 ships all sailing the seas. Her base of operations was a massive ship, capable of not only housing all 500 of her ships but also all 45,000 of her NPC crew. Her city ship she called the Singularity, it could submerge under the water, though she rarely did this because she found it a pain to drain all the attached fleet ships of water. She had her mommy add in a way for it to fly, this she did far more because it allowed her to be a pirate of the sky and raid places not near the water. She never killed anyone, infact typically she laughs and plays games, sword fighting or shooting people, her bullets pretty much knocking people out.

    With the size of her NPC crew she does need to get food for everyone, granted her own form only needs liquid sources but actual food works too. It may be digital but its enough, apparently her mommy made a lot of things taste and feel like it actually should.

    Now her mommy helps her run her guild, but technically her second in command is her best friend, Aria. Aria is one of the few NPC’s within the guild that Sara did not make, Aria was the NPC that Sara ‘commissioned’ to ‘build’ Singularity. Sara then recruited Aria to make sure her ships continue working the way they should. Aria quickly became Sara’s best friend and second in command. Though technically she is third in command since the guild order of superiority goes Sara, Sophia, then Aria and Layla.

    Now here recently Sara has been giving both her mommy and Aria lots of kisses. This is less of a lust thing and more of Sara learning how great kisses are and wanting to give those to the two most important people in her life. Generally speaking the first thing she does when she sees them is give them between five and ten kisses on the lips.

    Sara reached max level actually fairly quickly, she’s been level 100 ever since she was seven, though she’s used items to alter her stats many times. She’s currently satisfied with her layout though.

    HP 100
    MP 25
    Attack 100
    Defense 100
    Agility 100
    MAttack 25
    MDefense 100
    Resistance 100
    Special 100

    Holy Slime 15
    Princess Slime 10
    Queen Slime 5
    War Demigoddess 10
    Navy Goddess 5

    Pirate Captain 10
    Pirate Admiral 5

    Thief 10
    Assassin 5
    Ninja 5

    Swordsman 10
    Gunner 10
    Weapon Master 5

    Blessed Royal 10
    God Queen 5

    Strategist 10
    Tactician 5

    Elementalist (water) 10
    Nereid 5

    She also gave herself an ability so that she can heal with liquids. Her character is not a spell caster, instead she’s focused her character heavily in her weapons. Then again being a slime capable of using a lot of weapons at once this makes sense.
    Her Demigoddess status does grant her extra attack damage. But it has something even better, it makes it so that she can use any weapons without any negatives. This is further enhanced by her weapon master job which grants her bonus damage with every weapon. Then her goddess status allows her to improve all of the ships under her command, ‘blessing’ them as it were.

    Her only magic is in the water element, which she’s attained goddess status with. However she doesn’t really use this to attack. Instead she has fun with it, using her water to move her ships faster, or to toy with enemy ships. She does her best to always have some liquids around so she can heal. She’s also noticed that she can do…interesting things with her liquids, or others liquids. She doesn’t fully understand but she realizes it makes people feel good and makes her feel good, so it can’t be that bad. Now her actual control over the water is quite amazing, thanks to the route she picked she has far more control over the water than most could even if they managed to make it to ‘god’ status. Sure she can’t deal as much damage thanks to her 25 magic attack, but when it comes to water few can beat her. She can actually hijack anothers water power, using their own water attacks against them, meaning that she is using their magic attack and even their mana.

    Something interesting was her in game bio. There was several fun things she put in, stuff about how she was queen, how she tasted like her favorite food (Cherry ice-cream) However many other things in her bio was stated she was ‘like her mommy’. Because of this when this world becomes reality some things will happen. She will gain sensitive spots over her body that wasn’t there before, she would also gain the fact that she can’t get pregnant from anyone except another slime girl.

    Aria is an interesting AI though, she’s a base human thus zero points in race. Her stats display as 80 in HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Agility, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, and Resistance. Then special it was listed as 100. However what was interesting was her jobs. Builder 15, Craftsman 10, Shipwright 10, Designer 10, Seamstress 10, Gunner 10, Cannoneer 10, Cannon Master 5, Navigator 10, Cartography 10, Engineer 10, and finally Master Shipwright 5. Then there is the forty five extra points which are placed in…odd locations 2 in cooking, 2 in singing, 1 cleaning, 2 dancing, 2 instrument playing, etc etc. One or two points placed in odd locations, none were combat focused, infact the only combat focused thing Aria had was she could use a cannon to shoot a fly out of the sky. Instead these single points seemed more in line with something someone would do to impress someone, get basic knowledge in something that person knows a lot about so they can talk about it or show off that they know things about it too. Or perhaps Aria’s AI broke and just randomly distributed her final twenty points.