Your Very Own Harem?

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    (Image Left to Right) Yuusuke, Yasuo, Ryuuki

    These three males are in a rock band and are looking for a new manager, preferably female (though they are open to males). While there isn't much to be said about them, they're often going off on misadventures. Whether it's going to a local club and charming potential suitors, or 'getting it on' back at they're place, drama is sure to follow them. Think you can handle it?

    Name: Yuusuke

    Personality: He's a mischievous little devil and capable of telling the greatest of jokes. He has a great sense of humor. Yuusuke is an expert liar, but he is only trying to guard his heart that has long since been broken. He also seeks approval, but only because he is looking for the one that can see through his arrogance and numerous lies.

    Name: Yasuo

    Personality: Yasuo is a laid back kind of guy. He's very relaxed and level headed. He likes to tease women and men alike. He's kind of hard to read and no one's really sure if he's interested in a relationship or not. However, he seems to know a lot about relationships. Regardless of appearances, he has much wisdom to offer.

    Name: Ryuuki

    Personality: (undecided)
  2. Sounds interesting :)
  3. So is the girl gonna be like, the Dom of all of them or something?
  4. Well she just manages them. She can attempt to dominate them all but eventually she will have to choose just one potential suitor.
  5. Unless

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.