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  1. is there a dish you excel at creating? Or perhaps a dish unique to your repertoire?

    For me it'd probably be boerenkale (a potato kale dish with a browned butter sauce) with smokies, and apple crisp for dessert. Outside my family I've never met someone who even knows what it is, but everyone likes it. The apple crisp is my mom's recipe, but also always gets great reviews ^_^
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  2. My spaghetti sauce. I don't understand what it is about it, since literally all I do to the meat is season it with salt and garlic salt while it's cooking before adding it into pre-made tomato sauce, but my friends all seem to like it. I have one friend who likes it so much, sometimes she'll eat the sauce straight and leave out the noodles.

    I also make excellent brownies.
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  3. I make really good tandoori chicken! Everyone in my family as well as extended family love it. ^_^

    I also tend to make really good chewy and fudgey brownies, and I make apple crumble as well.
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  4. Individual ginger nectarine marmalade pâte sucrée tarts with a salted walnut crumble on top. I pretty much winged it and people are still asking for it.

    I also make really good Asian milk bread since I always have spare heavy cream around. Great to give a loaf to people who are a bit down and blue.
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  5. I really enjoy red curry and I have tweaked, tested, and worked to make one more or less from scratch (I don't make the curry paste myself) that I really like. However, it's not a dish that I usually make for other people, just me.

    In terms of for others, probably my white sauces. I've made it with my mother since I was a kid and the timing for all of it is easy to me now, which lets me add various things to change the flavors based on my whim.
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  6. Diana's perfected signature dishes:

    Drunken Pot Roast (1 whole bottle of wine bitches)

    Pepper Linguini

    Beef Dip w Au Jus

    Pecan Pie

    Potato Salad (and not that shitty potato salad people like to pass off as potato salad at BBQs and nobody wants to eat)

    um there are others, but those are the famous ones. =_=
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  7. What kind of potato salad?

    My specialties:

    Fish Fajitas
    Stuffed Pablanos
    Steak Fingers
  8. I actually have a couple, although most of them are crockpot recipes. Most of my specialties are baked goods. >_>

    -Peppermint Pattie cake
    -Chocolate Mousse cake
    -Red Velvet Cake
    -Chicken and Dumplings
    -Honey Garlic Chicken
    -Pulled Pork
    -Stuffed Shells
    -Monkey Bread
    -Irish Beef Stew
    -Homemade Mac and Cheese (And no, I do not use that nasty velveta crap, or any kind of powdery cheese sauce. I make mine with real cheese, lots and lots of it.)
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  9. Not so much a food as a drink, but hot chocolate. I mix it up from the base, with cream and milk. It might LOOK like a glass of hot chocolate, but it's science.

    Also lasagne. I love that stuff, only fitting it's one of few foods I can make without failing horribly. I also make a mean potato salad. And chicken burgers.
  10. I don't excel at any kind of cooking, I'm decent at following specific recipes and that's it.

    That being said, some that are a bit outside the norm.

    1. Crackers, Pickles and Cheese.
    It's as simple as it sounds. You take a Ritz cracker, put a slicer on cheese on top (actually cheese, not the plastic slice crap) and a slice of pickle. It's remarkably tasty and filling for such a simple thing.

    2. Ice Cream Waffles
    Get a box of Vanilla Ice cream. Cut out a giant slice of it, place it in between two Waffles.

    3. Chicken Nachos
    Take some nacho chips and put some refried beans on each of them. Then, mix cut up chicken with BBQ sauce, and put said chicken on top of the beans. Then add a slice of mozerella cheese (still no plastic slice shit) on top of the chicken. Then let it broil in the oven for about 2 minutes. This takes a remarkably long amount of time to make though (mainly in manual labour) but the taste is worth it.

    4. Grilled Waffles
    It's Grilled Cheese, just replace the bread with Waffles... And maybe add Bacon.

    5. Cheesy Ketchup KD
    Make KD like usual (Classic Cheese recipe, no diet shit), but then grate extra cheese on top of it. And add extra hot dog slices into it, and them mix in some Ketchup.

    The first two of those were actually stuff one of my Grandparents did quite a bit. The Nachos were apparently a Kelseys recipe my Mom got while working there, and the Grilled Waffles I just got off Facebook. XD And the KD my Sister gave me the idea for (Minus the Ketchup, that's all me).
  11. Even though there's a few dishes I "specialize" in, which is to say I've done them on more than one occasion and get positive reviews from others:

    - Yukgaejang (Korea)
    - Goya Chanpuru (Japan/Okinawa)
    - Bibimbap (Korea)
    - Steak (US style)
    - Chili Crab (Singapore)

    The one "dish" I get flooded with requests the most is... coffee! I don't know why, friends/family/etc seem to love the way I do coffee.
  12. pork adobo


    various omelettes

    steaks cooked to perfection

    spicy buffalo sauce with chicken

    homemade hummus
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  13. Seeing this post in my news feed, all the dishes were on one line, and it looked like you had created a monster of a dish to end all else.

  14. Which one
  15. Various pork adobo carbonara omelette steaks cooked to perfection, with spicy buffalo sauce and homemade chicken hummus.
  16. [/SIZE]

    It was quite challenging for mere mortals, yes

    but not for me
  17. Homemade brownies man. Not the pot-infused ones, either >.>
  18. While I try to keep my meals fairly varied, there are a few dishes that I do make more often.

    •Salmon and eggs Benedict-- with my personal twist on hollandaise sauce
    •Pan seared ahi with pickled beets, havarti, fresh greens and a homemade wasabi-mustard dressing.
    •Pineapple Curry
    •Gyu Tataki (Beef Sashimi)

    Usually, I'm attempting to find new dishes from different cuisines when I cook-- but there are always a few favorites.
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