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  1. If you could pick one song to describe you, your life and feelings what would it be?! =D

    (Also another excuse to find some ace new tunes)

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  2. I fucking love Blue October. ^^ Definitely my favorite band ever. I've been to two concerts, have a T-shirt, own every album... your choice of songs makes me happy. ^^

    As for me...
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  3. @HelicialRebirth - Deep, a hint of sadness but with a touch of serenity a touch of anger and acceptance =D That's a really nice song, love it! Wish I knew how to speak Japanese so I understood the lyrics xD

    @Nova - Nice rave song man it's made out of win. "Under my skin, where you've always been! thank you for reminding me of the sin with the grin!" just win

    @Lady Sabine - I know right! they're amazing. I love their album sway so much. So serene ^^ I just felt really attached to the song!
    Killers - huh? interesting choice. I don't listen to them often! I'm really fond of their song "Somebody told me" never hear this one before it's actually pretty good, nice choice!
  4. @Ai I know! Sway is probably their best album since Foiled. XD I love everything on it, though Hard Candy or Angels in Everything are tied for my favorites. ^^
    I love The Killers, too- though their stuff is more hit and miss. Somebody Told Me is awesome, but I don't have a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend, or vice versa. :c My favorite song is Mr. Brightside, but it's not all that fitting, either. The part in Read My Mind that just makes me go "ooh, dis mah jam" is never really gave up on, breakin' out of this two-star town. Damn, I'm ready to go to college. XD So tired of small-town life.
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  5. Because it's white, it's said it wants to be white
    Because it's white, something can be blended in
    The water in a little bowl became clear
    Little by little the colours faded away

    Eventually humans corrupt
    Humans can be discolored by other humans
    This star they both live on together is discolored
    They strangle themselves

    How do you describe the time
    when the trees coldly looked up at the building that towers above?

    The earth is touched by a bloodied hand
    Without kindness, flowers withered and died
    And by that hand, which has no heart,
    the future without sins is murdered

    Eventually humans corrupt
    Humans can be discolored by other humans
    This star they both live on together is discolored
    It's a crumbling world

    In this civilization what sort of life do you picture; is it the one we wanted?
    In this selfish egotistical struggle
    What was shed was not blood, but the tears of the planet
    The Earth, born billions of years ago
    The proportion of time we've been in existence is just a few seconds
    We have not aided in the recovery of the planet
    We have not lived our lives in order to help the earth
    However, we alone have known an unblemished love

    The End is near by, but you who have known love will be all right

    lyrics from JpopAsia. You were really spot on with it too~
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  6. @Lady Sabine I agree with you about the sway album I can't stop listening too it! It's amazing so chilled out compared to their other stuff. The song you linked has inspired me to look at more of The killer's songs =D As for Sway the song for me it was the beat - I feel like it resonates with my emotions and personality perfectly.

    @heliacalRebirth poetic lyrics! that's really cool =D haha I was? winning! =D Level up! ^^
  7. @Ai you got that right!
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  10. An oldie but a goodie. A little melancholic, but that's okay; I'm always blue.

  11. Alright.
    I can't just pick ONE song for my ENTIRE life and shiz.

    I'll pick this one.
    Idk. <3 Love.
    And, honestly, I aim every day to make those around me smile. It just.. is how I am.
    I'm weird OKAY, LOL SSSSH.
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  12. While I have many that would kind of fit this bill, I will choose this one right now. It's fitting for how the last couple of months have been, lol...

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  14. If I went with whoooooole liiiiife:

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  15. @LuluRS - very deep...a feeling of solemness looking across and empty plain, with storm clouds overhead carrying the rain toward you...a very nice image. The drums sound like a heartbeat, it's fantastic.

    @Torsty - Woot! so up beat! Haha like it, in for the win! never give up! ^^

    @Scrap Iron - Jazzay, chilled, sophisticated, romantic like it...I don't listen to jazz often so a very nice change!

    @Stacisaur - cute =3 romantic yet somehow down to earth! Happy happy happy! gotta love Mika xD

    Yeah we're all weird though! you're cool girl =P

    @Seth Bloodmoon - That's really sad - very much a Marilyn Manson crossed with Disney's Tim Burton cross with Phantom of the Opera. Nice combo. Nice guitar solo - tempo is slow but it's pretty edgy.

    @Fluffy - haha love offspring! "Time goes on" meaningful and totally agree!

    @Diana - beautiful song ^^ Always dreaming of paradise. I love Coldplay. Favourite song from them has to be Trouble though =D
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  16. I usually don't listen to music and I rarely find a song I like for too long. I prefer the noise the earth makes as it turns.

    Also The Offspring isn't a boy band lol. They are males and in a band, but not what people typically call "boy bands".
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  17. Yeah I know it was a lame joke more than anything I've liked offspring since I was little =) the earth make as it turns huh? I find myself needing music otherwise I just kinda fall limp I find it inspires me a lot ^^

    Look changed it for you haha
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  18. I have many songs, but if I had to choose one, it'd be:

    Because I am a very kind of hippie like guy, I love the ideals of everyone getting along. I'm a peace maker, and a love lover. I think violence is disgusting. I have a very just calmness to me, which I am proud of rather than being an extrovert, I'm a different kind. Kind of a blend of that and an introvert.
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