Your rp guilty pleasures

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  1. What are they, and do you consider them embarrassing enough to keep to yourself until you know your rp partner(s) better or are you out and open about it?

    Mine would be love drama and jealousy, while I hate it when TV, Movies, Books, etc do the possible love triangle approach I love having them in rps and no I can't explain why. I usually try to keep it to myself until after I know a partner better because I'm aware how annoying the love triangle/jealousy bit can be.

    Guess I outted myself on it now though? Oh well.
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  2. Intentionally putting my characters in awkward and uncomfortable situations just so I can delight at watching them squirm!

    I do also love a good bit of drama when it's executed well.
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  3. Playing a one-on-one scene in a group context, in chaRPs especially. For some reason, I end up with a selection of favorite writers that I'm sort of dependent on for enthusiasm.

    You did say guilty. ^.^;
  4. Making character's whose almost sole purpose is to cause chaos/mess things up.

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  5. Tentacles~

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  6. romance! 8D

    Wait, that's not a guilty pleasure. c__c I am not guilty about that at all.

    CHARACTER ABUSE. I like to do mean horrible things to my characters. Abuse, death, terrible horrible things. It gives me a chance to "experience" something terrible without having shit in real life happen to me. O___O I very much like to explore ranges of emotion.
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  7. Making characters that are basically the textbook example of an archetype or trope. I know I can make characters more interesting from the get go, but every now and then I love to play something perfectly straight without any deviation from the formula because it's just so fun. For instance, I just made a barbarian character for D&D that is an uncivilized ass who was raised by animals and loves drinking copious amounts of alcohol. He's gonna be lots of fun. :D
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  8. Hoo boy do I love killing off (or nearly killing) a character who is a close friend or SO of another character and then watching that other character's heart break. Simply making them think that character is dead also works just as well. owo
  9. I enjoy something like that as well, I like making side characters seeing how they stick with my rp partners then have something just awful happen to them later in the rp. Don't get to do it as often as I like though last time I tried they shut it down right away(course it was a main but still).

  10. I like doing this, myself. Heh... with my alien "critters", awkward and uncomfortable can take on a whole new meaning.
  11. Playing as pregnant characters. I have NO idea why as IRL I actually have a phobia of pregnancy and pregnant people... in fact this has helped get rid of that a bit.... XD :D :D :D

    Oh, and I have a belly inflation fetish... don't ask. "^W^ :3
  12. I tend to put all of my characters through some sort emotional and or physical pain, sometimes both. I also have them reflect my current mood at that time too, like if I'm sick they'll be sick or if I am pissed off they'll be pissed off. If I am roleplaying as Pan I tend to make him more devious than the show itself makes him. I love the darker roleplays, more pain the better. Or at least that's how I feel about it.