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What is your RP style?

Are you a passive player? A Timid player? Not the type to make decisions in the game and mostly reliant on others for action? Or are you an aggressive player, constantly leading other players in storyline and plot twists?

Maybe you are somewhere in between? Do you switch your style depending on the players/plot/genre/game?

There is no wrong way to Role-play, just different playing styles.

What say you Iwaku?

October Wants to know!?


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Historical, fantasy, magic, horror, supernatural, survival, vampires, demons, pirates, mutants, ghosts, romance (FxF, MxM, MxF) (Romance should be part of the plot and not the whole plot in itself), etc.
For me it depends on the genre, which role I play, how much I like the roleplay and so on.

For the most I change depending on if the other person/people I play with are passive or aggressive. If everyone plays passive and we don't get anywhere in the plot then I do something that will take the plot forward.

I like to be passive for the most but I enjoy to play aggressive to sometimes depending on what the rp is about, if I play the guy then I often take the aggressive part and if I play a girl then I'm mostly passive. But sometimes it's the opposite to. And sometimes I share the aggressive role with the other person I'm playing with, which actually makes it hilariously funny xD

I often don't make plot twist myself, I like it when the other people does that. But when I think it would spice it up to do something like that then I can do really cruel twists xD


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My style as of late has been somewhat aggressive. I don't normally like playing passively anymore because I can never seem to connect to my characters. I guess I just enjoy playing very head strong characters. The only reason I would play passively is if there is already someone else who has control of the roleplay or if I am purposely playing a character that has a lot of character development to go through.


I play a mixture of styles. it depends on both the genre and the other players. If the other players are all passive there needs to be someone willing to take action. If everyone else is aggressive you're not going to get anything done trying to be yet another aggressive player, shouting over the noise of everyone else's play style. That's when I take the passive role. With any luck someone will be interested in your story that way.


I like action, I like things to happen, I wanna do stuff!
I'm pretty aggressive and tend to have to force myself to be passive >>;


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When I am playing with a new partner or in another GMs roleplay, I'll be a bit more passive so I can see how the posting dynamic works.

Otherwise, AGGRESSIVE. I don't always plan ahead or know what I want to happen, but I can easily make up things on the spot and actively move the story and plot forward. I NEED it to keep moving forward, cause I hate things getting to stagnated. .__.;


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I HATE HATE HATE dialogue. :c It just kills my muse... But other than that, I tend to show, rather than tell. Otherwise, I'm a pretty passive player. I have not developed my skills enough as an RPer to really feel comfortable calling all the shots.