Your Queen has Arrived!

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  1. Yes, as my name states, I, your queen, have arrive. Of course, I'm only your queen if you're a gijinka. A human Pokemon. A Pokemon neko. Whatever you like to call yourself. Anywho, I hope to find a pleasant experience here on Iwaku, as forum roleplay has always been my favorite kind of roleplay. So I say hello, good day, and good roleplaying!
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  2. Gijinka?
    Is that what they are called now?
    I am.. intrigued.
    You have gained a cookie and handshake from amusing me, queenie.

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  3. I take your cookie and handshake, and raise you a hug. Because Bee and Puppycat is the best little cartoon ever. Thank you for the warm welcome.
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  4. Welcome Queen of Pokemon things. I am logicfromLogic, just a commoner.
  5. I can't even pronounce that word let alone BE it > < So I guess I can't be your slave *kicks rocks*

  6. Thank you for the welcome, commoner and non-slave. The word is simple to pronounce. I'll show you.
    Gi(like the first part of gig.)
    Jin(Like saying king, but with the J sound.)
    Ka(Like the first syllable of computer.).
    And now you can be my slave and be kicked around!
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  7. Welcome, hope you take a liking to Iwaku. I do say its rather pleasent. :D And be welcome to join us in RP although it has nothing to do with Pokemon.
  8. Thank god, I thought I was going to have to swear fidelity to someone!​
    I am Thu'um, master of the Dovah (Dragons). It shall be interesting when my people ruthlessly destroy yours, but alas, that is no now.​
    So welcome & lahney lingrah!​
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  9. It's good to hear from another kingdom. I would much rather make an alliance, though.