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  1. Character Sheet


    -If shiny use: Shiny (Name of Pokémon). Mega Evolution will be available but not from the start, if it applies to your pokemon.
    *Current Level:
    -New players start from 1-6.
    -Level up will occur after 3 meaningful battles

    -Can only have 1 of the 3 Pokémon's natural abilities, if applicable. Check Bulbapedia for info on this.

    -Up to four based on Pokémon's level. Moves by breeding can also be used. Tutor/TM/HM moves will be available later on. Check Bulbapedia for info on this.
    - Please no sob stories, try to make it original and interesting. I'm sure many people will appreciate this.
    -Would make sense to play along with Nature but it doesn't have to.
    -Unless your Character has a different look from the original (scar, item, gender differences etc...), you do not need to provide a description, just an image.
    will only be used if you want to
    Special Attack:
    Special Defense:

    -I will email you this information once your character is approved.
    -I will also email the improved stats of when you level up and evolve.

    *This information will be taken into account when creating Stats
    -Only copy the colored words when posting your CS.
    -Remember to keep your CS up to date and inform other players when it is updated in OCC.

    Approved Characters:
    @That0nePasta::Ritardando::Shiny Eevee
    @PhantomPlazma::Shade::Shiny Gastly
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  2. Name: Ren

    Pokémon: Ralts

    Current Level: 6

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Trace

    Nature: Adamant

    Moves: Growl, Confusion, Shadow Sneak

    Bio: Ren was born at an abandoned mansion compiled of several Psychic, Dark, and Ghost type Pokémon. They all lived like a big happy family. They taught each other how to be strong and loved playing tricks on each other. As a tradition in the household, every newborn has to go train on its own and come back only when they have met Strength, Intelligence, and Service requirements. Now, it is time for Ren to begin this journey.

    Personality: Ren is very proud of his strength and enjoys helping other people. His mood changes depending on his environment. For example, he will be defensive whenever there is a lot of tension around him and he will be calm when the environment is friendly. He can be stubborn about going with someone else's tactics after he has made his own.


    HP: 21
    Attack: 9
    Defense: 9
    Special Attack: 10
    Special Defense: 11
    Speed: 11
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  3. Name: Ritardando
    Pokémon: Shiny Eevee
    Current Level: 1
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Run Away
    Nature: Lonely
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
    Bio: Ritardando was born in a Eevee village that is hidden away deep in the forest. The Eevees all varied in size some as big as Pikachu to regular size, Ritardando on the other hand was the smallest.Being the smallest and having been born with three legs many of the village Eevee showed him sympathy and did things for him. Many of the older Eeveevolution claimed that him being a Shiny Eevee was a curse and that's why he is the way he is. Sick of being treated like a child and called bad luck, Ritardando set out to prove he didn't need special treatment from others and that Shiny Pokemon aren't bad luck.
    Personality: Being lonely in nature Ritardando enjoys being alone but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy company of others. He respects the idea of others when it comes to battle but he prefers to do his own thing. Ritardando hates making strategies, claiming that they take the fun out of battles, which usually causes him to end up hurt. Having only three legs Ritardando isn't as fast as other Pokémon, and he hates when others feel sympathy for him or go easy on him in battle.
    Image:[​IMG] Despite the Image showing four legs, Ritardando has only three legs. The leg which he is missing is his hind left leg.
    HP- 12
    Attack- 6
    Defense- 5
    Special Attack- 6
    Special Defense- 6
    Speed- 6

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  4. Name: Orpheus
    Pokémon: Pawniard

    Current Level: 5

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Defiant
    Nature: Naughty
    Moves: 1. Pursuit
    2. Sucker Punch [Bred move]
    3. Scratch
    Bio: Orpheus was born in an old, long since abandoned hotel. There he lived with multiple electric and ghost pokemon. The group was a tough bunch, and they taught him to be just as tough. But over time, Orpheus grew to be even more of a problem for the rest, as he would start to act out. Eventually, the bunch kicked him out, and Orpheus was left to go on his own.

    Personality: Orpheus is a trickster, he loves nothing more than a good prank. But, he always means well, he really is just looking for friends. If things get serious, he will fight with all his might.
    HP: 21
    Attack: 16
    Defense: 13
    Special Attack: 10
    Special Defense: 9
    Speed: 12
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  5. Pokemon- Mewtwo

    Current Level- 3
    Gender- genderless species, but I'll refer to it as her
    Ability- Unnerve

    1. Confusion
    2. Disable
    3. Safeguard
    Bio: Since the species was created by humans, most Pokemon generally don't trust Amber. This has led her to survive on her own, but she cares about others. She doesn't wish pain on other creatures, but she will do anything to stop someone or thing she sees as a threat. The original Mewtwo created a small family for himself, but after a raid by other Pokemon, she was left as the only survivor.
    Personality- She is untrusting due to her past, but she will fiercely protect things she want to.

    Amber1.jpeg Amber2.jpeg
    HP 20
    Attack- 12
    Defense- 11
    Sp Attack- 15
    Sp Defense- 11
    Speed- 13
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  6. Name: Laxer

    Pokémon: Munchlax

    Current Level: 5

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Adamant

    Nature: Thick Fat

    1. Metronome
    2. Tackle
    3. Defense Curl
    4. Last Resort

    Bio: Laxer was born in a forest with lots of berries, fruits and vegetables and many other normal type pokemon and some bug, grass and flying types. Everyday he would eat the food until he couldn't eat no more. The other pokemon told him to try and eat less or he would end up eating everything but they couldn't talk him out of eating a lot everyday so the others were forced to take some of the food and hide it from him. But Laxer was able to find the food and ate it. The others were able to stop him before he ate it all and put him on a strict diet until he could control his eating or learn to share. Laxer felt bad for what he did so he said sorry and farewell because he decided to leave so he wouldn't eat all their food but he did say that he would return someday.

    Personality: Laxer loves to eat food and relax. He is also stubborn and hard to persuade so if he has his mind set on something he wont stop until he does it.

    Laxer (open)

    HP- 30
    Attack- 16
    Defense- 10
    Sp Attack- 9
    Sp Defense- 15
    Speed- 7
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  7. Name: Gjinku
    *Pokémon: Poochyena
    *Current Level: 5
    Ability: Run Away
    *Nature: Serious
    -Tackle (50)
    -Fire Fang (Egg move) (65)
    -Howl (raises the user's attack stat by one stage.)
    Gjinku was born inside the borders of his pack's territory as the son of Yuber and Vail. However beíng the son of an alpha and a rather rough father was never easy, and Gjinku never really got to play as much as the others in the pack, and usually he had to act as his father wanted him too rather than being himself. Eventually Gjinku had enough, and he found himself running away from home because he wanted to see the world from his own view... and he felt rather glad about leaving.

    Gjinku have had a bit of his fathers rather serious personality rub off on him, he's usually mostly serious about everything he does and even thought he occationally likes to play he mostly also believes its somewhat wrong to enjoy himself too much. He believe that he need to stay focused and train while away from his pack as he's uncertain if they will look for him even thought hes not ready to return to them yet.


    HP: 20
    Attack: 12
    Defense: 10
    Sp. Attack: 9
    Sp. Defense: 9
    Speed: 10
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  8. Name: Shade

    Pokémon: Shiny Gastly

    Current Level: 6

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Levitate

    Nature: Timid

    1. Hypnosis
    2. Lick
    3. Spite
    4. Smog

    Bio: Shade was born in an deserted town full of ghost, dark and psychic types with the occasional poison type. Shade was usually picked on by the other ghost types because of how timid he was. His parents taught him to stand up for himself and taught him that whatever problem life threw at him he should always try to overcome it. One day he asked his father how he became such a strong Gengar and his father said that he went on a journey and made friend that helped him become strong. So Shade decided to do what his father did and left the town and went on a journey to become stronger.

    Personality: Shade is very timid not wanting to get into fights but if you push him into a corner, make him mad or get on his bad side he will fight and he will hold nothing back. He is also curious and adventurous and always wanting to explore new places. He can also be very courageous and confident if he ever sees that someone needs to be saved or defeated. Also if he becomes very sad/angry he changes from a timid nice guy to a malicious, malevolent and all around evil guy that wants nothing more than to bring harm to the one that caused him to become very sad/angry and he will attack anyone that tries to stop him or get in his way.

    Shade (open)

    HP: 19
    Attack: 8
    Defense: 8
    Sp.Attack: 17
    Sp.Defense: 9
    Speed: 15
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  9. Name: Jinx-Gu
    *Pokémon: Misdreavious
    *Current Level: 5
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    *Nature: Serious
    -Psywave (Deals 0,5 to 1,5 times the user's level as damage) 'Psychic'
    -Growl (Lowers attack of enemies by one stage) 'Normal'
    - Spite
    The all happy tale of a Ghost type...

    His life before and his life after his passing could be seen with rather different eyes. But the after life began just as quickly as the past ended. In a sudden moment of confusion and strange sensations it began. Without many memories other than a name that clung to his mind Jinx-Gu settled in a dark mysterious cave where he made his home. There he would feel rather at peace compared to other places he had been too. At least so he thought as he couldn't really tell very well. He couldn't recall how he got to the cave, or how long he been there... all he could do was to try to think of what had transpired during his stay or before it.

    A rather serious but confused Misdreavious. He seem to have many found memories that he cannot remember and somewhat likes dark places and especially caves. For some reason he likes playing tricks on others but to also make the tricks nice so they don't hurt anyone.

    HP: 22
    Attack: 12
    Defense: 12
    Special Attack: 15
    Special Defense: 15
    Speed: 15
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