Your Life For A Price (Signups & OOC)

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  1. Roleplay:

    This is going to sound very familiar to those of you who are Sword Art Online fans.

    I want to play a game.

    No, really. I want to create a roleplay where every character is playing a game that takes place in a virtual reality called Aria. You put on a helmet and it connects to your brain, the technology taking over all of your senses. You can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste everything that goes on, so it's basically like real life. Everyone who puts this helmet on is put into the same world and can interact with each other as they please. And just like any other game, if you die, then you can just start over.

    But there's a catch to this game. In the most recent update of this game, the creator has put in a twist that the players don't know about. The players sign in one by one and play for the entire day, but at the end of the day is when they figure out something is wrong with this game.

    There's no log out button, when you die in the game, you die in real life, and the only way out safely is to buy your freedom.

    Now then. There's our plot! Are any of you interested? If you are, here are the other details that no one really cares about.

    1.) You can earn points by getting achievements! Do you really have to keep track of these achievements? No. Not really. But don't be ridiculous. Don't say you've already bought your freedom when you're only a few posts in. Your freedom is worth about 1000 points. Do you know how much you get for one achievement? Well, that's detail #2.

    2.) You get 20 points for killing another player; 10 points for killing a boss; 5 for killing low-level creatures, and 1 for crafting (and by this, I mean making things-weapons, armor, food. All that good stuff.) So it is going to take you time, but you don't need to actually CALCULATE all of it.

    3.) You know what else you can do? BUY THE FREEDOM OR THE LIFE of another player by using your own points to buy it. Are you going to want to do this? I don't know. Maybe it's your in-game lover? Maybe it's your family. Maybe you're just bat-shit crazy. Your points. Do whatever you want.

    That's it! Any of you still reading and interested? Good! Here's the character sheet skeleton!

    Real Life Biography:
    Appearance: (Realistic pictures and/or descriptions please.)

    In-Game Profile:
    Avatar/In-Game Appearance: (Realistic/Anime pictures and/or descriptions allowed.)
    Gamertag: (You can make this whatever you'd like as long as it is APPROPRIATE.)
    Gender: (This can deviate from your real gender.)
    Skill Level: (Novice, Amateur, Moderate, Skilled, Professional. I'd like to point out that being a Professional does not simply mean you're very good at the game. It means you have competed and play the game PROFESSIONALLY. It is your job and an all-consuming hobby. Not just a skill level. If you'd like to choose this skill level, I'd like to see a sample of your abilities in your CS.)
    Fame: (Any information known on your gamertag. Is your character well known in the gaming community? And if so, what for? Please be realistic... I'm sure you won't have an issue with this. Just don't be ridiculous.)

    This is just a skeleton. You can add whatever else your heart desires!
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  2. I'm interested. Are you going to make a character sheet?
  3. oooh...interesting..hehe. I'll join, and I agree with dear Fredrica-sama, is there a CS?
  4. What kind of game are we talking about here? FPS? Beat-em-up? Something else entirely?
  5. More like fantasy RPG. If it's like SAOL then only swords are allowed as weapons, I think, but it's up to the creator.
  6. [MENTION=5465]Fredrica-sama[/MENTION] [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION] I will have a character sheet skeleton ready soon. I just wanted to see if people were interested before I posted things like that!
    [MENTION=1370]Laggy Lagiacrus[/MENTION] The game will be a VRMMORPG. Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. I'm going to stick to the idea in SAO. There will be a tower with 100 levels, but the last level was created to be impossible to beat. (Does that mean it is impossible? ... I'll let you decide.)
  7. Neat. Well, I'm ready whenever you put the CS up.
  8. Understood. I'll be waiting, then.
  9. The character sheet is up and the actual roleplay will be typed and posted either today or tomorrow.
  10. Appearance: (Can't find a fitting picture) Short, slender, and has a pale complexion. Long, black hair that is often tied up into a messy bun. Wears black framed glasses over her grey, almond shaped eyes.
    Name: Marianne Verona
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 154cm, 5ft 5/8 inch.
    Personality: Marianne is quite the recluse, and spends most of her time reading or playing video games. She tends to be quiet, but not timid around others. In fact, it is often her that makes others timid, as her eyes make her look cold and calculating, which is often contributed by her lack of facial expressions. The truth is that she has a problem with interacting with people in real life, only because she finds it stressful that if someone says something to her she has to respond immediately, without being able to think about her answer, unlike on the internet.
    History: Marianne owns a pretty popular blog called the Maria Vault, where she reviews games, posts play-and-walkthroughs and such. It was in the middle of such a walk-through that she found out it is impossible to log out.

    Avatar/In-Game Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Gamertag: Maria Nightshade
    Gender: Female
    Skill Level: skilled
    Fame: She became known as Maria Nightshade because just like poisonous nightshade, she kills swiftly and silently.
    Her weapon of choice is the katana, and she sometimes uses poison dipped shuriken. She relies a lot on agility and stealth, but her weak point is her low dexterity.
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  11. i will post a CS when I can, thank you =)
    This is going to be fun =)
  12. I've got some things to do. I'll get back to you on this.

    Real Life Biography:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Ariana Forte
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8"
    Personality: As most people do, Ariana had more than one side to her personality. The one that the public saw was the sweet, innocent mask. She held her tongue and never said a word out of line. In the privacy of her own home, she obsessed over games day and night. Where most girls had a rack of shoes, she would have rows of games. Several consoles organized in shelves lined her wall. To the people who were extremely close to her, she was very outgoing. She would speak her mind to them, even if her words were hurtful. The people she trusted were few, though, so not many were able to see this side of her.
    History: Ariana started gaming as an outlet. She was raised as a musician, but practicing for hours and hours on end would tire her easily. At the age of 13, traveling across the country to perform was exhausting and she just needed something to help her relax while she traveled. She first picked up a hand-held console, finding it entertaining and mildly relaxing. Since then, her collection just grew and grew. Now, at the age of 17, it was all she would think about. She helped develop the Occulus technology and helped create the virtual reality that she was now a part of. This didn't protect her from the unknown dangers of the game, though, because she was just as unaware of the update as any other player.

    In-Game Profile:
    Avatar/In-Game Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Gamertag: Aria
    Gender: Female
    Skill Level: Skilled
    Fame: Although she's far from a celebrity, Aria is known by some for being somewhat of a lone-wolf. She's an extremely skilled player despite not having any kind of help or advice. She's never charged into a situation with a strategy and hasn't had problems with it in years. A lot of people knew her story of climbing to the top alone, but not many knew the name or the face connected to it. And she wanted to keep it that way. Her username is somewhat of a clue, because the developers named the virtual world after her gamertag, a tribute to her help in creating both the world and technology.
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  14. So, this doesn't take place right after the announcement was made that you can't log out? If this is like SAOL, and Aria made it to the top, then are all the levels accessible? Or is it like, if you want to get to another level then you have to defeat the boss by yourself?
  15. Real Life Biography
    Name: Owen Wilson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’6”
    Appearance: For all intents and purposes, Owen does not actually look like anything particularly special. His build, when paired with his exceedingly inconspicuous height, makes sure that he doesn’t stand out from the crowd. While slim, this is to a degree that lets him look healthy – not fit. While he does not actually get out much, his genetics prevent him from gaining some sort of sickly pallor, leaving him with a vaguely tanned skin tone that only grows darker when exposed to harsh sunlight for more than three minutes. Quite unusually, his shoulders are out of proportion with the rest of his body, being slightly bigger than they should be – which makes buying shirts a pain.

    Owen’s hair is as black as naturally possible, though due to genetics he would rather not have inherited, it’s starting to fall out. Not that you’d notice immediately, but stand him side-by-side with someone else, and you’ll see it soon enough. The sad part is that he can’t evens style it to make it at least look as if he still has as much hair as he should, due to it being nigh-impossible to style. So far, he’s found that the only way to have it set is to have it dry in a set position, or to leave it in the same position for upwards of three days.

    Due to irregular sleeping patterns, and possibly due to multiple things hitting him in the face, Owen’s unremarkably blue eyes are bloodshot. Not to a degree that raises serious questions about his health, but to a degree that certainly isn’t normal. It should also be noted that he has bags under his eyes – some would even swear that his bags have bags, though that may be an exaggeration.

    Personality: On the outside, Owen maintains a stoic attitude, never letting himself break character, even for a moment. Many a person has seen him go up against bosses all on his own, without even so much as flinching, and they even saw him go the entire fight without hesitating. Some would call him the man without fear – because it looks as though he cannot even begin to feel it.
    However, while his attitude on the outside remains stoic, his real self is far from it. Insecure and always doubting himself, Owen fights every battle thinking it’ll be his last – for no reason other than that he doesn’t think he can keep going. However, some would argue that he’s trying to die on purpose. Though the rumour is largely unfounded, it’s a possibility.

    History: Born the son of a teacher and a doctor, Owen never had it particularly hard. His infant years were, as one would expect, passed how many a person passed theirs – crawling around on the floor, crying, messing himself, and being an overall nuisance. And yet, his parents still somehow managed to tolerate him, as he made it to childhood. It was there that he actually formed some semblance of intelligence, as opposed to just being a nappy-clad sack of meat dragging itself around on the floor. His child hood, unsurprisingly, passed by without much event – bar, of course, the thing that got him to be a gamer in the first place.

    The first console Owen got was a handheld – it had been out for a while, but he had always been more of a bookworm than a gamer. However, once he started gaming, he found himself immersed in a fantastic world, of sprites and soundtracks and whatnot. Though his parents attempted to regulate his game time, he always seemed to find a way to circumvent these limits imposed. Not for long, but he had that spark of ingenuity only a child would have. In addition to his love of books, games also became something of an obsession for him. Not quite an addiction, though.

    As Owen progressed in years, he found himself more and more isolated from the world, though it wasn’t much through fault of his own. He managed to keep his game time in check, and did his best to balance school and leisure time, but in the end, he became an outcast. He wasn’t openly mocked, but behind his back and behind closed doors, malicious rumours and dirty threats were traded. He was an easy target – quiet, withdrawn, and not really involved in any social circles. Some would have called him a lone wolf – to the vultures, he was just a free meal.

    It didn’t take long for Owen to try and bury himself in his activities, and try to cut off contact with the world. It got to the point where he would only leave the house for school, and to buy games – his only real form of release. It was in games that he found solace, though it seemed that few saw them the way he did. Games were a way for him to pretend to be someone else. He didn’t care if he was a plumber rescuing a princess or some American soldier in a generic FPS, he just wanted to feel as if people were actually glad to see him.
    As if he actually mattered.

    When trapped in the game world, Owen obviously reacted badly, but managed to – largely – take it on the chin, and keep going. It wasn’t as if he’d gone through worse, but he had certainly taken bad things without breaking down. So, with nothing to do but progress in the game, he threw everything he had at it, and then some. Over time, Galahad became known as ‘Galahad the Death Seeker’, for his tendency to charge into suicide missions without a second thought. However, he has – so far – managed to come out of every mission alive, and if his face is anything to go by when he comes back out of a dungeon, it’s much to his chagrin.

    In-Game Profile
    Avatar/In-Game Appearance: Click for picture
    Gamertag: Galahad
    Gender: Male

    Skill Level: Skilled
    Fame: Galahad has frequently had ‘The Death Seeker’ added to his name, when referred to in conversation. Reason being that he always seems to charge head-first into situations that no sane person would go into, and then come out of them alive – if only barely. He was often recruited as a mercenary, but beyond that, formed no real attachments. His only requirement – apart from pay, of course – is that he’s placed in harm’s way. Quite why he’s so obsessed with suicidal missions is a mystery, but it’s bound to come out sooner or later.
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  16. [MENTION=5465]Fredrica-sama[/MENTION]

    What I meant by 'making it to the top' is that her skill level is considerably above average. She's gotten many achievements, but those will be wiped clean for the most part. She hasn't gone to the tower because the tower is in the new update. I'll try to make a little more sense once I post the roleplay.
  17. [MENTION=5465]Fredrica-sama[/MENTION] [MENTION=1370]Laggy Lagiacrus[/MENTION] Your characters have been accepted and the roleplay has been posted.
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  18. Ooh, sorry XD
  19. I'll post a CS tonight! sorry, had technical difficulties X/
  20. [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION] That's absolutely fine. :)