Your Kitchenware Looks Like...?

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[DASH="lightblue"]What does your Kitchen Look Like?[/DASH]

Going through my kitchen today, I was pretty frustrated with what a mess everything was. I cleaned out a small cabinet in the corner for my cooking stuff just to separate them everything else so one (mother, especially) would ruin my things. I guess, it's a mess mostly because mother just comes in, cooks, makes a big, sticky mess, and weird looking stuff she calls food and leaves. Then I clean up, or daddy does. And then daddy tries to cook, uses specific cooking spoons and pans and cleans up.

In between the two extremes, I'm a moderate chef. I make a mess, but I clean it right after because I wouldn't do it after I was done, cuz I'd be tired.

In any case, my kitchen, messy and slightly icky (if you look in corners of drawers and stuff because remnants of matches and spices are stuck there~ mom splashes all over the place), is a production of what types of chefs are in my family. The neat, crisp and clean little white cabinet under the main oven is a reflection of my cooking habits and the even cleaner oven and accesories for baking are my dad's. xD

My brother doesn't use the kitchen except for the microwave. Which is always a mess. Always.

What does your kitchen look like?

Is it messy or super clean?

Do you have interesting things like popcorn makers or juicers?

What's your favourite part of your kitchen?

My kitchens like a tiny you can fit two healthy people sidebyside and that's all teh room there is between the counters. There's a small corner for the fridge, but we have a washing machine there and the fridge is in the living room. And then there's a little ledge for the microwave with room under and that's where mom has this HUGE box full of canned food and dry stuff like pasta, etc.

I love pushing my feet against the opposing counter and propping myself onto the top of the washing machine and kicking my legs against the base because it makes big BANG BONG noises :D

My apartment kitchen is a decent size for cooking, but still feels like I don't have enough counter space. XD While I'm cooking, I always clean up around me, cause I don't like all the clutter. But... I am a procrastinator about doing dishes, so dishes have a habit of piling up until I realize "Oh crap, I need a pan!" Then they get tossed in the dish washer.

I love my kitchen appliances, and yet I still don't have a "complete" kitchen stock. c__c I have a breadmaker, blender, chopper-thing, etc. But I need a good mixer and food processor. >:3

My kitchen decor is "fat chefs". >:D I have three fat chef wall plaques (that look really gay. XD) A fat chef floor mat, and random little accessories. Once we buy our house, I'm totally going to go with an Italian Bistro style decor with the occasional rooster here and there. I like fat chefs and roosters! .... But I don't want one of those crazy theme kitchens where EVERYTHING has fat chefs and roosters. That'd be crazy. c___c