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Fantasy, Modern, Historical Romance.
Greetings and welcome, my dear friends,

You are cordially invited to join us in the Regency Index. Your hostess for this (and every) season is @firejay1, and her word is law in this establishment. Fret not, however, for here we are all ease and gentility, and only common courtesy is expected.

You might have noticed we have a couple of rooms here. Here in this main area is where you shall find all the information you could possibly need to navigate high society; I shall leave a description below to direct you as to the purpose of each thread. Courteous Courtship is where most general affairs will be conducted. @firejay1 will occasionally host balls and parties there that all of the right sort of people may share society with one other, but you are more than welcome to pursue your own private adventures and courtships there. Of course, there is a limit to the liberties guests may take in public eyes, and should you wish to indulge in the most fanciful of dreams, you are expected to keep it in Deviant Derivations. The ton is not forgiving of scandal, after all.

Not to say there will not be scandal to be read. Rest assured, this lady sees all, and will publish updates on the goings-on of the ton in her column, In Confidence. Should you wish to submit a question, or your own juicy bit of gossip, you may pen your own reply To the Lady, or relay it by way of private message to the hostess.

One final word before you venture forth, your hostess would like to remind you all that this is a place for joy and pleasure. Berating other guests for historical inaccuracies is not allowed, though she does also ask you show enough respect to leave His Royal Highness the Prince Regent himself out of most of your games.

- A Lady
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An Introduction to the Realm

The Regency Index is a realm set during the time in British history known as the Regency era, right around the turn of the 19th century. While we aren't aspiring to the heights of absurd historical inaccuracy in Bridgerton (there is a QUEEN reigning during the REGENTcy era), this is not a set of roleplays focused on historical accuracy. The only historical baselines we care about will be thoroughly explained and explored in the Etiquette Lessons thread, and even those only really matter in larger group threads. Please do not play real historical figures (including the Prince Regent, but you can claim a historical title, like the Duke or Count of Sutherland, just without actually playing like Countess Elizabeth Sutherland, y'know?), or harass anyone for not being completely historically accurate. This is a safe space for people to have a good time. There is no main story to follow, and 1x1s or small groups are heavily encouraged. While I would not be surprised to primarily see romances between pasty white British members of high society (including gentlemen and their daughters), I hope nobody here feels they have to be restricted to that! There are a lot of stories you can tell in this time period, from spy thrillers and heist stories to a more serious examination of the poverty the lower classes were dealing with at the time.

I will periodically hold event threads, typically in the form of some type of social gathering, so people can crawl out of their private hideyholes and throw their characters in with everybody else's, but please have an IC justification for your character to be there if the event is not normally something they'd be allowed in. Currently, I am planning to have event threads only last about 3 IRL months, but I can adjust that as things develop. There is generally no posting expectations in terms of length OR speed, but for limited-time event threads, I will ask you to refrain from joining if your average posting speed is longer than once a month, or at least to not try to engage too many other characters, because I don't want to see one person stuck with a very slow poster and unable to enjoy event threads. Again, IC reasons for always being a no-show or a wallflower is a great way to incorporate those things into your stories (but you are not obligated to). I also think it's great practice to ask everyone give their partner something to respond to or work with for each post, because I genuinely believe length does not matter as long as the other person has something to respond to, but I won't be hard-encoding that into the rules.

I do plan to skim everyone's threads, so I can periodically post updates for everyone in the form of a gossip column, but if you would like me to refrain from mentioning yours, or would like me to publish a specific piece of gossip for your thread, please shoot me a message or post it in To the Lady. I would like not to leave out information most people would know, though, so if two of your characters have a screaming match in a public area, you should probably expect it to at least get a mention in the gossip column. This being the case, please submit your characters - even if you are only doing a 1x1 that does not involve me - in Calling Cards. I promise the character sheet is short and very basic. Please note that the pseudonym I will be using for that column (A Lady) is not a character up for grabs, and if you want, someone can claim to be her, but no one is allowed to play a character who really is her.

We do have a discord for this realm, but you do not need to find your partners there to play. (It is also linked at the bottom, and I will nuke it if it seems useless to the RP.)
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General Rules
  • All Iwaku rules apply.
  • Do not harass anyone about historical inaccuracies.
  • Do not play historical figures. (You can mention the Prince Regent, but no one is allowed to play him.)
  • Do not play East Asian characters.
  • All characters must be submitted in Calling Cards and approved by the GM first.
  • Threads will be archived once (the GM figures out that) they have been sitting with no replies for 90 days, and made a note of in the Archive threads. Please contact the GM if you want a thread reinstated.
  • Only IC threads are allowed in Courteous Courtship.
  • AU content (such as anything including magic, or if you'd like to use your same characters in more modern context, or even your super weird history fanfic where stuff is nowhere near historically accurate) is restricted to Deviant Derivations, including OoC threads and location descriptions, though you're free to discuss any AU stuff you want in your plotting threads in the main section. No permission is required for even brand new unreviewed characters here. It's a free-for-all (though I will be keeping an eye out for any seriously bad behaviors).
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Main area: OoC Threads
  • To the Lady - Submit questions and (if you like) your own IC info you want the Lady to make a note of in her gossip column.
  • Announcements - Announcements of new GM-hosted events upcoming. If you don't want to watch the forum, but want to know when event threads will premier, this is the thread to watch.
  • In Confidence - Updates on what's been happening in IC threads all over the forum, in the form of a gossip column.
  • Calling Cards - A character index of all the characters participating in this realm.
  • Etiquette Lessons - A guide for the main cultural practices and aesthetics from the Regency era applicable to this realm (including areas where we will differ from actual historical practices). These are mainly meant to be helpful explanations, especially for people unfamiliar with the era, and there won't be any insistence on strict adherence to these.
  • Library - A place for recommendations for books set in the Regency era! Feel free to add your own, though please leave a note if there are sex scenes included in the work.
Courteous Courtship: All general IC threads
  • Archives - A listing of all inactive CC threads, with links to the roleplays.
Deviant Derivations: Threads for magical AU content
  • Archives - A listing of all inactive DD threads, with links to the roleplays.
- All sorts of information posted by the GM.
- A short-term event thread hosted by the GM for larger-scale group RPs.
- Private Thread between two people.
- Thread for groups.
- This RP is open for new players.
- This RP is closed for new players, or is by invitation only.
- This RP is up for grabs for the first person who responds to the first post. (Typically this is only for IC threads)
- RP Out of Character thread, you may choose to make one for your RP, or choose not to.
- A request for partners to RP with (applicable for both 1x1s and groups).
- Extra fun information and scenes for RPs or characters that maybe don't fit in your OoC, or you don't wanna lose there.​
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