Your Ideal Super-Team?

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  1. Basically, put down the roster of YOUR personal selection of characters for a superhero team.

    There are no restrictions on super-team choices unless you want to exclusively do a DC-Marvel or a Marvel-Anime type thing personally.

    Teams can go from three members to any amount above. Try to keep it under twenty members at least.

    Oh, and feel free to throw in a team name, and maybe a history bit on how the team came together, if you want.

    Team Name:

    History: (How'd they come to be?)

    Members: (Number all members please.)
  2. I assume that as superheroes, you would want characters on the "good" side?
  3. Team Name: Team Awesome

    History: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    1. Gambit - Team Leader
    2. Spider Man
    3. Deadpool
    4. Thor
  4. My ideal team.
    Spider-Man (Amazing Spider Man)
    Venom (Amazing Spider Man)
    Wasp (Avengers EMH)
    Carnage (Amazing Spider Man)