Your first RP!

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Come and tell us about your first experiences as a player. Did you make any mistakes that you can look back on an laugh at? Where you intimidated by playing with more experienced players, or did you start with people of similar experience level? Is your expectations of what to expect out of a roleplay different then when you first started? Are you just starting to roleplay?
My first RP was on RPG Chat and it was a sort of post-apocalyptic one where basically various forms of human life had been fused with animal DNA. I felt slightly intimidated, but that kind of dissappeared once I actually started posting. I don't think my expectations have really changed; I just go with the flow.
Hmmm my first roleplay...

I believe it involved wolves! I played this demonic wolf character that was banished from his pack and sought out to find a new one. I remember it being pretty dramatic. >:3 Fun nonetheless. That's where my roleplaying interests were until I was introduced to human characters on other websites. Looking back, a lot has changed about my preferences and the way I write. Yay!
My first ever roleplay was actually with OCHA. >:D It was a Sailor Zodiac rp, and I was Sailor Virgo. I didn't know anything about roleplaying, I just thought it had to be the GREATEST THING EVER getting to play pretend and tell a story at the same time. o___o

My biggest mistakes in roleplay was probably being Mary Sue to the max. XD In my defense, I did have really good core ideas, but I fell victim to the trappings of every teenage girl's desires to be miss perfect amazing beautiful everything. ...Of course, NOW I like playing Mary Sue stereotypes on purpose and trying to make them UN-Mary Sue. >:D

I never found myself intimidated by other people when I first started. The people I played with were all first starters too, so we all grew up together with playing and growing our skills. I actually ended up getting intimidated years LATER when I had roleplay elitists harping on my posts because they were not big, long, flowerly, elegant, etc. c___c I dropped from roleplaying in public groups for awhile cause of it. But once I remembered I roleplay to have fun and not to impress people with writing, I came back to it again. XD

My expectations for roleplay are the same now as when I started. I roleplay because I love playing pretend! A little bit in the middle I did go through the "improving skills" and "elitism" bug myself too. D: That kinda came back to bite me in the ass. (As said above!) I hate feeling like I need to impress people, when all I want to do is pretend.
When I first started... oh, it was with Xindaris and Kiwi <3 Kiwi got me involved in one of Xindaris's roleplays because he needed someone to play a vital role and she offered me up.
Looking back, argh, my real failing, I think was in not having any character development x_x My posts were short because they were to the point action. ;__; I was never intimidated, though. Roleplaying with just about anyone piques my interest and I'll usually eagerly agree.
I didn't know what to expect when she recruited me! I was told that Xindy needed someone to "play" Amanda and that I would be writing out her part of a "story". I'm sure I was terrible >_<
It was between a Legend of the Five Rings campaign with some real life friends and an anime fanfic RP online. They sort of blur together, so I can't really remember which came first. The writing in both aged pretty well, but I remember there were a lot of ordinary things I'd somehow never learned the words for, so I ended up suggesting a few things I didn't intend to. There were also some jokes where I can see my intent now but botched the delivery somewhat. People found me funny and creative anyway, but my biggest problems were insecurity and being afraid of backlash if I'd be the least bit proactive. I managed to somehow suppress it enough to have a few neat moments, but some of the scenes are painful for me to read in that it's obvious how afraid I was of closing a scene even when it would have made more sense than whatever ended up happening instead.
Long long long time ago, MVPboards, a place that evolved into AnarchyZero where GZ found me.

The RP was's name was...can't remember it. It was just a typical fantasy RP though, well maybe more in the vein of Final Fantasy. All I really remember is we were all not that great, I was like 12 or 13. But I did make my first character, Doctor Krad Dusk. Rest of the characters were pretty much self inserts by the other people though. Wasn't that great or memorable despite being fun, don't think it EVER finished...

Didn't do that much for me, but at least I tried that character for the first time, he evolved into a much better one. Went from a kind of bumbling Dr.Wily type guy to someone much more interesting and less one-dimensional and very unpredictable.

Can't remember any particular mistakes I made though...Bet there were some but sadly, the board got erased.. <_<

And yeah, my expectations have changed. I used to be happy with more generic less defined RPs that didn't even have OOCs or require characters bios, but now I like defined RPs with unique settings instead of things that just copy video-games/movies. Of course they gotta be fun as well, if I'm joining an RP, it can't feel like a chore, gotta enjoy it above all.
My very first RP was a cooking school RP. It was actually pretty cool, enough to get me hooked! At first I was pretty timid and would only join threads with a few people involved.
lets see. my first RP was a story about people being trapped inside of a brand new Virtual Reality MMO that had come out. my older sister pushed me into role playing, i'm still not sure why. anyway, I was basically told to join the RP and see how it went, I was with a bunch of people who had Been RPing for years and they were very supportive. at first I felt I needed to impress the others for some reason. sadly the RP died before I got to make a third post...
now that I think of it I don't think ANY RP I've ever joined lasted beyond the fifth or sixth rounds of posts. people just stopped posting...

Now I'm determined to see a RP through at least to the middle of a story
I used to ChatRP on Yahoo Chatrooms a loooooooooong time ago, but my first forum RP was this game called "The Boundaries" on Moonwings 9 years ago e__e I don't remember the plot or anything I just remember playing with my RL friends. My first RP on Iwaku was Katrinka's (Still running YAY~)

I was never intimidated about RPing with more advanced players because I could always pick up neat tricks and stuff when I did. I always got mad when people were snobs about my RPing ability though and didn't accept my character sheets >__>

I don't really regret any of my past characters, but I do recall I used to play a more even mix of males and females, now my character list is almost predominately female or gay men...