Your Favorite Villain

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  1. Everyone has that one villain they just love, or love to hate. What I want to know is--

    Who are your favorite villains of all time and why? Be they from a T.V. series, movie, book, comic, game or even one of your roleplays!

    Tell me, denizens of Iwaku!
  2. Actual villains, or antagonists?
    I'll interpret this as actual villains or something.

    Loki, though one could argue more for antagonist than villain. Splitting hairs and stuff is hard work. He's a very complex character with incredible depth, his own backstory for why he is how he is, and a lot of work in subtleties with his character in the movies and the comics. Too much to list here, but if you want to talk Loki, I'm happy to talk.

    Archdeacon Frollo, because he was a brilliant character with flaws, motivations, fears, the whole works.

    This is a spoiler for Darksiders 2 and you have been warned (open)

    Absalom was a beautifully created enemy and he was a rich character who feels almost right in some aspects of his argument. He's wounded, hurt, and betrayed and his arguments against Death almost make sense. He's a villain who could almost have been a hero in a different perspective.

    These are my three current favorites. I'm sure there are more but these came to mind first.
  3. The Joker. No question about it.

    The basic opposite of Batman in every way.
    Always has Batman on the run and can definitely knock some heads as well laugh while doing it.

    Also..My favorite villain I've ever RP'ed as is the one from Agasaria, Hrothulf Ontario.

    Hrothulf, I consider to be the opposite of me in every possible way. Selfish, greedy, and full of himself.
  4. the joker...juku has good taste

    harley quinn....i love her and i wanted to be her for so long

    poison ivy...she is hot and can make you do things
  5. Of the top of my head, David Xanatos from Gargoyles.
  6. Megatron: I like the Megatron, hes kinda sexy got a bot.

    Sauron: Lord of the Rings: Yah he was a evil all seeing eye for most of the books but at the same time he also nearly took over the world.
  7. if thats what his eye could do think about a finger O.o
  8. ooh, I have so many villains that I just love ~ :D
    Most of them are from manga x3

    Reino from Skip beat (manga) Is one of my favorites even though he hadn't appeared much lately :/ He creepily stalks the girl, makes her do a lot of things she really don't want to do by using weird threats xD And he's just awesome :D And he only stalks her because he likes her hate and wants her to hate him xD

    Another awesome villain is Matoba from Natsume Yuujinchou (Manga & Anime) Matoba wants Natsume to join his exorcist clan and he has kidnapped Natsume, threatened him and been absolutely adorable while doing so :D When someone sends a letter to a person and that person shivers just from seeing who the letters come from, then they have succeeded as a stalker xD Matoba for evil president <3 x3
  9. Villians. They are pretty damn sweet! Who can honestly say, that when you're watching a TV show, a movie or going to see a musical, that you don't wait expectantly for the villian song? Let's face it, they are always the catchiest!

    Dr. Doofenshmirtz for Phineas and Ferb... Don't think I'm being serious? I am being very serious. He... Is.. AWESOME!

    Joker and Harley Quinn from Batman. Specifically, Batman TAS, when Harley Quinn was created. They're just awesome to a T. It takes a look into absusive relationships and how even though one person may hurt the other terribly, they always come back for more.

    Scarecrow for Batman TAS... I have no idea why I developed this insane crush on him... I have a thing for the insane people! And using fear as a weapon is kind of ingenious. It has been done before, but Scarecrow made it personal.

    Barry The Chopper from Fullmetal Alchemist... And Again, I am being deadly serious. Don't know who he is? Look him up. Another one of my insane crushes. XD This has been fun! Does anyone even like the heroes? Villians steal the show almsot everytime ;3
  10. Bane=Hate
  11. [​IMG]

    This is the Operative, from the film Serenity. I'd hold him up as one of the greatest villains I've seen in a film.

    He's a shady agent for the ruling parties of the 'Verse tasked with re-capturing a member of the crew. He's prepared to go to any lengths to do it; there's no depths to which he won't sink. Throughout it all he expresses regret for what he has to do; he's under no illusions that what he's doing is utterly evil.

    Yet he believes in his cause completely, seeing himself not as a person but as a tool to be used in creating a better world. He believes in something so damn hard he's ready to do whatever fucked up thing it takes to see his cause brought to fruition.

    That makes him a really rather scary man.

    "It's not my place to ask. I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without sin. I'm not going to live there. There's no place for me there... any more than there is for you. Malcolm... I am a monster. What I do is evil; I have no illusions about it, but it must be done."
  12. There are many good villains in the works that I have enjoyed, but my favourite one has to be...
    For those who want to see Puella Magi Madoka Magica (open)
    Sure, he is not a de facto villain slash bad guy, but he has the characteristics of one. He is manipulative, does not share information unless absolutely necessary and he also does not care what happens to the protagonists as long as his goal is complete. While he does not go directly against them, he is an excellent counterweight to the protagonists and would be able to serve as a great villain.
  13. I have a lot of favorite villains, so I'll just talk about my most favorite group of villains at the moment.

    The Hückebein, a terrorist organization, from Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force. While they may have caused severe bodily harm to two of my most favorite characters, as I continued to read and learn more about the group, my hatred for them lessened and I started to love them.
  14. Hm.

    I think my all time favorite villain would have to be Scar from Lion King. To be able to make someone as evil and power hungry as Scar and integrate him into a children's movie is a talent all in itself. It's one of the things I admire in many shows and books that I've watched/read. I mean, for god's sake, it's one of the few movies where Disney has actually KILLED off a character. Not have them disappear or go missing, killed.

    Aside from that, here are some other favorites of mine.


    Light Yagami from Death Note. Yes you could say that both Light and L are villains and heroes, but I believe Light is more the villain in comparison. He is intelligent, egotistic, and manipulative. He also likes to fancy himself God simply because he has the Death Note.

    Andrew Detmer from Chronicle. He's probably one of my favorites because the movie did such a good job conveying his downward spiral into this troubled and sadistic villain. The guy probably would have turned alright if the people around him didn't treat him like shit.
  15. Silly as it sounds, I think Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet is probably my favorite antagonist. :} Christopher Carrion from Abarat comes in a close second.
  16. Darth Vader, a hero of the Galactic Republic who is haunted by his inability to save the ones he loves and doomed to be more machine than man for the rest of his days.

    Also, he's voiced by James Earl Jones.
  17. He's become more or less morally ambiguous as the years have gone by. But I still think the Merc with the mouth is my favourite.


    Also. Jeoffry in Game of Thrones. There is absolutely no redeeming quality about that guy. Nothing that makes you feel sorry for him, or understand his motives or anything. D: He's a huge fucking asshole and I hate him with every fiber of my being! But I love to hate him. >:3
  19. Oh dear... Um.. *goes searching for villains*

    ...I think I would have to say the for my favourite cartoon villain, Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance. A mean, spoiled and jealous child, who shows perfectly how fame and fortune can corrupt.

    And for a non-cartoon villain, I'd have to say The Master, also known as Harold Saxon, from Doctor Who, driven to madness by the doings of his own people in the future (its very timey whimey) He's intelligent, sophisticated, and knows how to make you trust him. There is also only one thing in the world that he's afraid of. He's terrifying and alien.
  20. Gonna agree with Lulu on the Master. I love him to smithereens, he's such an adorable, genocidal maniac.

    I have to mention the Horned King from the Black Cauldron too though. I think he's the only thing that creeped me out and scared me consistently up til the age of like 10 or so. Even looking back I still get the shivers from him sometimes xD