Your favorite roleplay and roleplay character?

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So the Getting to Know you thread has gotten me curious about roleplays. More specifically, which roleplay on Iwaku has been your favorite? You're welcome to name more than one, but keep the numbers close to three if possible.This includes roleplays that weren't able to finish. I'm also curious to know which is your favorite character to roleplay as, and who you've enjoyed roleplaying with on the site. They don't have to be current players/characters, just someone you remember on the site. Please feel free to elaborate on your choices.

My fav roleplays: Iwaku:Azazel, and Counseling for the Troubled Souls

My fav characters: Roxy and Melody

My fav roleplayers: This is probably gonna beef his ego but I really enjoyed roleplaying with Asmodeus. I love his writing, and how his style changes rather well with each style of roleplay and situation. I take a lot of enjoyment from reading his posts and somewhat take pleasure at how he creeps me out with his characters. His style of writing reminds me of Neil Gaiman, but darker and very animated. I loved Zypher's character April in the Teen Dress Shop roleplay. His character has never failed to make me laugh with each post, and I cannot believe there is someone who rivals Roxy's bitchiness. Humor has always been my favorite thing to incorporate into roleplays and I love it when people join in with me. I also enjoy his imagination. It's difficult for me to make up a roleplay that will garner attention but his always seem to catch my eye.


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Hmm.. I have so many good going on :D

Favorite roleplays:
1. I'll never be a part of your world (one x one)
Because my partner is awesome and it's such a great story, we do knew plot twist all the time which make the story more and more interesting.

2. Teen Island (jump in)
I have been found of this rp for a long time, when it looked like it was about to die I almost cried and even made one more character just to liven the rp up a bit xD ahhaha Even though my character isn't such an interesting character to play I think the rp is really awesome especially now when we have gotten such a plot twist ;)

3. Simply never simple (one x one)
I think the story is really awesome and I like the character I play against :) Though we haven't gotten in to the story that much yet, we are on the way and when we get more in to it I think it will get so much better ;)

Favorite characters:

1. Kevin (rp: insanity is a lifestyle and I'm living it)
He is a psycopath with four personalitys xD what's there not to like? Though I don't think he have lived up to his full potentional in the rp he is in yet so I'll see if I can use him in a better way later in the rp or if I use him again in a better way in another rp.

2. Jazz (All I need is you but I'll never have you)
He is gay which make him awesome, I took his personality a bit from two of Kevins personalities and from another of my characters. I just think he's adorable xD

3. Anna (I'll never be a part of your world)
She is so hystericaly funny so I must love her. xD


My favourite character I play is a male I have pulled from my unpublished novels. He cruel and just down right nasty to women. I adapted him after a few misfortunes in my life to help get over them.

But in most roleplays I use him in, I slowly turn him into a decent human and someone who learns from his mistakes.

My favourite roleplays to use him in is just about any male role. He's an adaptable character, mostly because he's also my alter ego when he's not being a complete prick. He brings out the playboy/flirt in me.