Your favorite halloween traditions!

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It's that super fun season of Halloween! And since all October long Iwaku is getting in to the spirit of things, What are your favorite things to do for Halloween?

Tune in to the sci fi channel for their cheesy monster movie marathon.

It's a holiday tradition.
I go around my campus dressed up like some kind of soldier and randomly get glomped by the same girl that dresses up as a lioness. One of these years, I should find out who she is.
Is she hot?

I mean, I don't know how you americans go about doing that, but you should tap it.
I use to get drunk on the roof and throw rocks at children back in Georgia.. Here I think I'll just give out candy like normal people..
Making a dead altar for Dia de los Muertos.

I also need to see what Teatro Dallas is putting on this year.
We don't celebrate Halloween down here!

I usually forget about it until someone mentions it.
Playing a game called "Drink or Treat"
The last four years I missed out on Halloween.

2004: Prepared to go to boot camp.
2005: On watch at NSTC Dam Neck. Didn't get off until ten that night.
2006: Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic en route back to home port in Naval Station Norfolk.
2007: Participating in Neptune Warrior, a joint exercise with NATO allies in the British Isles.
2008: On deployment in the Mediterranean.

So yeah...
This year I shall do something ridiculous and stupid.

I may be arrested

I may be slain.

I must take all these into account for the good of the holiday...

and if nothing happens you know it was because I slept through it.
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