Your character has been arrested!

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  1. If one of your characters went to jail, what would the charges be?

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    Fun way to dive deep into the brains of our characters

    What say you!?
  2. Probably mass murder or unauthorized silly dancing. Somewhere between those two.
  3. hmm... the most of my characters are so innocent so it would probably be for shoplifting
    One of my character could be arrested for murder

    One of my character have done a lot of crimes but hasn't been caught and if she were caught it would be for stealing of diamonds and such things.

    Lemme see about Active-ish RPs...

    Celine would be imprisoned for helping Mythos people hide from persecution. 8D

    Delilah is a pirate... no surprise for what she gets arrested for.

    Yvaine would get FRAMED for something and imprisoned.

    Penelope thought spray painting ducks on the side of a bank would "make it prettier".

    Astra Teegan smuggled illegal animals off a planet.
  5. Ferro - public nudity

    Cynthia - Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Of course it would be under a false identity.

    Babs - breaking an entry, endangerment of a minor, delinquency of a minor, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, intimidation and jaywalking! The kids can't wait til she babysits again.

    Michael - Public drunkenness and brawling.

    Robert - Aiding and abetting a criminal. Cute girls spray painting ducks on buildings should not be a crime!
  6. Let's see...

    Yukisa's would be for obstruction of justice, for being too terrified to talk about the crime she witnessed.
    Eros would be for losing her temper and shooting something or someone...
    Galya would be arrested for getting into a fist fight and beating the other person senseless.
  7. T^T My favorite vampire because of killing >.<
  8. Let's see i'm new but my main 3 characters I have are
    Rose, Link, and Shylo

    Rose-Probably for being a prostitute
    Shylo-Murderer and a few other things