Your Biggest Pet Peeve!

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  1. Simple enough!

    What is your biggest Pet Peeve? The thing that drives you crazy! Maybe it's something someone does or a specific saying or something?

    Let people know what ticks you off! :D

  2. Needless stupidity!! Like When someone says, "If English was good enuf fer Jesus, it's good enuf fer me!!"

    What?!?! Really!?!

    I'm not makin' this up, I've actually heard people say this crap!!




    ...No, really. D: Font at size one is too small to easily read. Font bigger than default size looks like I'm being screamed at!

    I hate when people use the word "Literate" to described someone's roleplay abilities.

    And I also hate when people leave cabinet or closet doors open. It takes two seconds to close a door, why are you leaving it open?!
  4. I hate it when people don't flush the toliet, even if you've just peed, it's so gross.
  5. I hate people that think they are cooler then other people. I just wanna punch em' *POW* Right the kisser.
  6. Oh great, you tell me that AFTER i change the size to 5, Diana. >>;

    I hate when people stare at me for long periods of time. O - O <----does that not creep you out? STOP STARING AT ME.
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  7. ~Scratches the left side of my chin~ Well, i guess I can say.......trolling.....spamming......God-Modding.......the list goes on but I'll stop there.
  8. Tailgaters. Makes me want to just slam on the brakes and teach 'em a lesson in keeping a safe distance while driving.
  9. Really I'm a pretty relaxed person, but I start to get frustrated when I have to repeat things 3 to 5 times over. I'm also generally not a fan of homophobia, and thus I don't really enjoy seeing "gay" used as "stupid" or whatever you'd like it to mean.

    Also, "well, that's your opinion." Thank you! I thought I was parroting another person a moment there. "I'm not trying to be mean, but," simply is an excuse to insult someone close to you, leaving them upset and conflicted because of that excuse you gave them. You make them feel unreasonable. There are better ways to approach someone if you're having issues! Sit down and talk to them without insulting them. It'll develop your social skills!
  10. When someone is texting in my face while I'm trying to talk to them. You just blew off my conversation for another. Screw you, man.
  11. Not being able to be outright hostile to people I don't like.
    It's so tiring to play nice. D:<

    People who think they need to be the center of attention all the time.

    Sunburn during the winter time. (only in Florida)
  12. People that think they are never wrong, those who don't care if something is wrong so long as it doesn't effect them, hm. Washington drivers. Liars. People that bitch and moan to you about how bad their life [or problem] is yet take no initiative to change it when the option to do so is clearly visible [or those that just go to you for advice and entirely ignore it in the first place], and Drama llamas.
  14. People who are crude and bully others. Stop being a jerk. You wouldn't like it if someone was so obnoxious to you. Don't do it to them.

  15. When i get in the shower an turn it REALLY HOT....and then it stays ice-cold.
  16. I hate when people ask questions with obvious answers!!
  17. When people glance at me with a mean face (dosent matter if you mean it or not) it just annoys the crap out of me
  18. I can't stand it when I just clean something, and someone comes in to destroy it. Like I'll do dishes and my friends will dirty every freaking dish possible! GRRR clean up after yourselves !
  19. I am not fond of people who try to be all philosophical....when they don't have enough wisdom too. >.<
  20. Watch Dorkness Rising. There's a guy who says:

    "One who stumbles around in the darkness witha stick is blind. But one who...sticks-out in"

    ...and then he lost 50 XP.