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    I really do love that it's not really a matter of IF they will make a MIB 4, but WHEN

    The first movie is definitely my favourite, but I definitely love the second one, too. Seeing the roles of Kay and Jay reversed was a treat, though I could've done with less of the pug.

    The third was great so long as I squinted my eyes so that Tommy Lee Jones' terrible makeup didn't burn my eyes too much, and ignore the shoehorning of
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    Jay being brought on board because of a promise to his dad instead of because he had the guts and could run down a cephalopoid on foot
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  2. This should be in the guilty pleasure thread~
  3. Hell no, I don't feel guilty about a single thing I like, and I definitely like MIB!
  4. I like them too, but, they're a bit cheesy, I guess? ^v^

  5. Movies were worth it for this alone. First film was great. Second one was a'ight.

    Not sure how I felt about the third one. Had all the elements but it felt less self-aware, then pulled out the Hollywood Textbook of writing, which killed it.
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  6. Omg yes. I can't believe they let Pitbull do the MIB3 ending; I was looking forward to a new Will Smith rap!
  7. I'd love MIB if they would actually do something with the setting instead of constantly having to recreate the Jay/Kay dynamic. I mean, Lethal Weapon didn't spend its three sequels constantly going over the same "Learning to be partners" schtick.
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  8. Heck yeah, I love every single one of the MIB movies~ And I like how they're based off an actual urban legend, I didn't even realize this until much later, but I think it makes it that much better. I wanna see more movies like that, that would be awesome.
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  9. Yeah; I liked seeing the roles reversed in the second film, but recreating it again in 3 was getting a bit stale; fingers crossed they use the settings potential in 4!
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