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  1. The story didn't make the top news that day, but for those who knew about it, it felt like an unavoidable disheartening situation. Jack Power, third youngest of the Power family, was reported missing one night after last being seen leaving the house around 11 pm. Where he went, and who he last spoke too not being known. Police have found themselves in a complete stump as too any leads on the case.

    Those who know about Jack Power, and his siblings well enough, know that this story has more to it than the news, police, and even Jack's parents have said. A while back Jack Power was a part of the superhero group The Power Pack. Formed with his brother and sisters, they fought crime and criminals alike using powers given to them by an alien race. Two people who know this are Franklin and Valeria Richards. Franklin most of all, after all, for a period of time he was a part of the group. But still being close friends with all of the Power kids, Franklin and Valeria started snooping into the situation themselves. Slowly things began to show up to them. Jack the night he vanished was planning on meeting a girl his age with the name 'Alraune'. A superhero supposedly who had the power to sap power from plants of the Earth.

    However, things began to become strange once Franklin and Valeria started looking into Alraune. Not only was there nothing on the mysterious superhero. No one older than 18 even knew her existence, like she was just the punchline of some joke between all the young heroes in the world. Valeria sensed something much deeper was at play, with her knowledge of the mystical arts. Leading to Franklin and Valeria to decide that maybe this calls for something more than just the both of them and the resources of their parents Fantastic Four empire.


    Captain America and Iron Man never really seemed like the type of people who can let something get under their skin so deep. However two words seem to be doing a perfect job of it.

    Young Avengers.

    A group of young superheroes, formed over their dreams and glimmering eyes to the older superheroes of the world. They've become something that Captain America and Iron Man have tried to stop with little to no success. The group were never given any right to use the name they helped forge. They saw it as kids going too far playing pretend, and potentially getting themselves, or worse, others hurt.

    Still, a group of young superheroes might have their uses after all.


    1 – Obey the GM (me and Auntie Phaz) at all times.

    2 – This RP allows both canon young superheroes of the Marvel universe AND OC characters.


    If you want to make an OC, you MUST make a canon character to go with them. That way the RP still has plenty of canon characters and isn't just another RP of OC superheroes doing whatever.

    3 – You're welcome to remold the canon heroes however you please within reason. Mainly you need to keep the spirit of the character in tact through any changes.


    Billy Kaplan – Wiccan (Drewvonawesome)
    Tommy Shepherd – Speed (Auntie Phaz)
    Franklin Richards – Fantastic Lad (Drewvonawesome)
    Valeria Richards – Doom (Auntie Phaz)
    Teddy Altman - Hulkling (Justice_20)
    Riley Samuel Jacobs - Enigma (Justice_20)

    Full name:
    Age: (Has to be under 18)
    Skills: (Anything non-power based that would be considered useful)
    Brief Bio:
    Additional info:
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  2. Full name: Franklin Richards
    Alias: Fantastic Lad
    Age: 17

    Power: Essentially similarly powered to the Fantastic Four's enemy in Super Skrull. Franklin has the ability to change his powers at any time to one of the four powers of the Fantastic Four. He cannot combine powers however, and has to allow himself a moment in between powers otherwise suffer usually painful results of changing too quickly. His eyes change color based on what power his using. Dark blue for his father's elasticity powers which he typically has when doing whatever, light blue for his mom's invisibility and force field producing, red for his uncle Johnny's fire and flight, and brown for his uncle Ben's rocky super strong form.

    Skills: Though not nearly as smart as his younger sister, Franklin isn't any dummy himself. Though its certainly easy to say he has much more people skills than his sister.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Costume: [​IMG]

    Brief Bio: The oldest of the two Richards kids, Franklin's life has never been anything close to normal. Its to be expected when your mom and dad happen to be half of The Fantastic Four. One of the world's most elite superhero teams. Franklin from an early age was raised by robots whenever his parents were out saving the world, or would wind up with the battles his parents had hitting home, literately.

    By the time he was six, Franklin began to show signs not only of possessing the X-gene, but with it an incredible power, able to reshape and mold the universe as he saw fit. At first his father tried to stifle this immense power. But soon Franklin was able to tinker and explore it on his own and with help from Professor Charles Xavier and his School for Gifted Youngsters.

    When his father created the Future Foundation, consisting of the world's greatest young minds. Franklin was put into the group even though he wasn't even as smart as his younger sister Valeria. However when the Future Foundation went on a field trip through an alternate dimension to learn more about the phenomenon. Both Franklin and Valeria were caught in a loop and found themselves traveling numerous alternate realities. What was years of exploration, danger, and adventure was only a week's time in their home reality. When they returned Franklin and Valeria had grown up immensely from their formerly seven and five year old states. Still the damage was done, and their father canceled the project out of worry for the other kids involved. Leaving the now older Franklin and Valeria with nothing to do.

    Outside of Valeria's new found sense of connection with Dr. Doom, Franklin also underwent a strange transformation from the journey through the realities. His reality warping powers have seemingly vanished for good. In their place is Franklin's new ability to change his powers into any of the Fantastic Four powers. Franklin is squeamish on the details of what happened, but his usual answer to the question is to the effect of “If I didn't change my powers, things would've gone much worse than they did...”

    Additional info: Out of all four of the powers Franklin admits he loves all of them for different reasons, but typically enjoys his father's elasticity. As his father and him have practiced it together in his father's lab plenty since the incident.
  3. Can i reserve one character?
  4. What character you have in mind?
  5. Full name: Billy Kaplan
    Alias: Wiccan
    Age: 16

    Power: Wiccan's powers are magic in base, which allow him to cast a variety of spells like being able to fly, teleport, locate someone, concussive blasts, and numerous other abilities. Though all this comes with Billy still struggling to really grasp and control the immense power. Since to handle and create a spell, Billy has to repeatedly say what he wants to have happen for it to happen. If his unable to speak the spell will not even remotely work as well or backfire on him.

    Skills: Very skilled in sign language, as well as cooking typical Jewish foods, plus has an almost insane amount of knowledge of pop trivia on superheroes, video games, and Star Trek, also happens to be an accidental costume designer, since he is a cosplay regular in New York City.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Costume: [​IMG]

    Brief Bio: It wasn't Billy who had a problem with people, it was people who had a problem with Billy.

    Born to a loving Jewish family in the Bronx, and the oldest of three kids, one of which being deaf. Billy Kaplan from an early age developed a deep love for the superheroes that roamed the city. Even though they inspired him, Billy always felt like he could never be a superhero, he was always too small and weak in his own mind. It was when during his Middle School years that Billy discovered his own homosexuality that things got worse.

    While Billy was never exactly the popular kid in school. He quickly became a target for bullying with his nerdy behavior and gay lifestyle. Often coming home dirtied, bruised, or both. It went on for years until one fateful night after yet another rough day in school. Billy was particularly hurt that night on a much deeper level than anything physical. He went to Manhattan, where the legendary Avengers Mansion stood. Sitting on a nearby park bench Billy struggled with the thoughts in his head. Dark thoughts he never had before but called for ending it all. Letting the pain finally be over. Suddenly though, a very calming figure took a seat next to him, Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch.

    After having a gushing fanboy moment over her sitting next to him. He told her what had been happening to him after she asked. Scarlet Witch gave Billy a warm smile and told him the next time he saw his tormentors to stand up to them. Billy scuffed at the idea, figuring the only way he'd even survive was if he had super powers. Though Scarlet Witch stayed with her advice, telling Billy that everyone has some gift in her mind. Finally with a kiss to the forehead all of Billy's wounds healed, and before Billy could say anything, she had vanished.

    The next morning, Billy took her advice, standing up to the bullies. Though it seemed like it was going to end badly. Billy's powers manifested, when he wished for himself to be stronger. Suddenly almost turning into a Hulk like figure that scared them off, and leaving them too scared to even go near Billy anymore.

    Scared originally Billy quickly realized not only that he had powers, but there was something powerful now swelling up inside him. Giving him a sense of confidence and direction he had never had. Of course, his love of superheroes reminded him about power and responsibility that comes with it. So Billy kept it to himself as his tormentors were too scared to say anything.
    That is until one Wednesday morning, when Billy was sitting around in class when the school seemingly was getting destroyed from the inside. Billy quickly used his magic to realize that the culprit wasn't someone using explosives or even some kind of terrorist. But a white haired kid he had seen around but never knew anything about who was running at insanely fast speeds.

    Billy did everything to stop him. Only it was when the two had a good close look at one another did the other boy stop. They didn't just look alike, but if it wasn't for the other boy's hair, they were twins, completely and utterly. Tommy Shepherd, the speedster in question, finally stopped his reign of terror after Billy talked him out of it. Though the incident was never pinned on Tommy the school had to close for a few months so a fairly large section of it could be rebuilt. In the meantime Billy suggested that maybe him and Tommy could put their efforts to something better.
  6. Full name:
    Riley Samuel Jacobs
    Technology Manipulation (Or Cyberkinesis)~ Riley can manipulate any technology like computers, cars, electrical boxes and more. He could also attract technology to him, he can create create live being from technology also being able to control them. Riley can also hack into systems even if they are very hard to crack, but if they are too complicated then it may take a while. He can also use his electrical impulses to move technology by small electrical beams that go through his body, which also run through all of his body.
    Riley is also a genius being taught by Tony Stark when he was little, with also being taught about advanced and veteran tech when he was just thirteen years old. He also mastered a lot of languages with very few he hasn't fully learned, Riley also has eidetic Memory.
    Brief Bio:
    Riley had never known who is real parents were, he went to foster home to foster home, nobody wanted the boy. But even though he went to foster home to foster home and had a bad life, he still didn't let it keep him down. Riley had eidetic memory and was one of the smartest kids in his city, well he was the smartest kid in his city. One day when Riley had enough of going to foster home to foster home, he ran away, the night was stormy and had a lot of thunder.

    Riley was riding on his skate board when he noticed that more and more water came down, so he didn't wanna take the chances of sliding and getting hurt, so he put it on his back and kept going. But then a thunder bolt his his back causing him to go unconscious. When he woke up he was in the hospital, the thunder bolt barely hit him since his skate board was there, he was thankful that he was alive.

    When Riley recovered, he was sent to a new foster home and a new school. But this one was a bit more stable and better, he was treated fairly and like a kid. But one day when he was in a contest for mechanics, he was presenting a new invention he made in front of most of the people in his town when an electrical beam came from his palms, moving the parts of the invention in the air floating from the beams that came from his palms.

    Tony Stark saw this on the news and decided to check out what had happened, the two had a private talk and Tony realized his abilities and his very high IQ, So Tony decided to have him as an apprentice and showed him a lot of his inventions and his IQ. Tony taught him a lot and showed him how to be a hero, later becoming a new member of the Young Avengers.
    Additional info:
    He has a pet tech spider which he has found to be his only friend when a child, and is now his favorite friend.
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  7. Full name:
    Teddy Altman
    Super strength:
    Hulkling is much stronger than an average human, and stronger than even most Krees are because of his partial Skrull background. His top strength is unknown, though it is likely that he can lift at least 75 tons but no more than 100 tons.
    Superhuman Durability and stamina:
    Hulkling's skin can become much denser and thicker than any normal human's, giving him a very strong resistance to pain and injury. He is able to withstand great impact forces, such as falls from great heights, repeated bludgeoning from superhumanly strong beings, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury. High caliber bullets and bladed weapons are also unable to pierce his skin.
    Due to his partial Kree heritage and recuperative powers, it is likely that Hulkling possesses greater stamina than any ordinary human.
    Shape Shifting:
    Hulkling is a shapeshifter of remarkable ability. While he most commonly shifts into a teenaged version of the Hulk, he has also been known to impersonate well known superheroes such as the Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, and Tony Stark. In the heat of battle — or of the moment — he has evidenced a less refined style of shapeshifting: growing claws, extending his reach and growing wings in a protoplasmic manner.
    He can concentrate on video games really easily or reading, He is good at combat and just typically fighting, he can control his powers easily.

    Brief Bio:
    During the Kree Skrull war, the super skrull captured Captain Marvel and presented him to the skrull emperor. While Imprisoned, Captain Marvel had a brief affair with Princess Anelle, which caused her to be pregnant and having a child. She sent her baby away with her nursmaid, Mrs.Altman, to planet earth were Mrs. Altman raised him at. The women posed as a single real estate mother, and named Mrs. Anelle's son Theodore Rufus Altman.

    While thinking that Mrs. Altman was his real mother, he learned his powers at age 12, when he got into high school, he wanted to fit in. So he used his powers to impress some students, particularly the basketball captain, Greg Norris.

    Greg started using him and telling him to impersonate different superheroes and celebrities with his shape shifting abilities, but things went too far when Greg asked him to loot the Avengers Mansion, he decided that some things were more important then fitting in, so he ended the friendship with Greg.

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  8. Full name: Valeria Richards

    Alias: Doom

    Age: 14

    Power: Valeria has very little in the way of what could be called superpowers. Aside from a few pieces of exotic
    technology and knowledge of some spells she picked up while learning from Dr. Doom, she has the regular capabilities of an 'ordinary' teenage girl.

    Skills: What stands out about Valeria is her profoundly gifted intellect. Having shown signs of genius at an extremely young age, her father has often remarked that she is even smarter than him. Her pedigree aside, Valeria's mind is her greatest tool and her deadliest weapon. Add to that her time under the tutelage of an alternate universe's Victor von Doom and there are very few challenges, mental or otherwise, that she can not surmount.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Costume: [​IMG]

    Brief Bio: Growing up the second child of Reed Richards and Susan Storm exposed Valeria to many unusual things, so by the time she was old enough to start kindergarten there wasn't much that surprised her. Super villains, time travel, alternate universes, you name it. She had seen it all. In fact, she was starting to get bored with the constant perils her family seemed to face on a daily basis. So when a Future Foundation field trip gone awry left both her and her brother lost in time and space, Valeria decided to make the most of it. With Franklin as her somewhat unwilling accomplice, the two of them set out on what would become the adventure of their lives.

    The years they spent away from home profoundly changed both Valeria and Franklin, but Valeria's experiences in one dimension where the Fantastic Four's adversary Dr. Doom had triumphed over his reality's version of her parents left a lasting impression on Valeria. This Doom's world had suffered greatly after losing Reed and Susan Richards, and he had come to regret his victory at the cost of losing his greatest rival and former closest friend. When he discovered Valeria, the child of his vanquished foe who bore the name of his past love, Doom saw it as an opportunity to make up for his grievous mistake.

    Although Valeria was hesitant at first, she eventually accepted Doom as her teacher. Having learned a great deal from her time under his wing, the two of them devised a way to return Valeria and Franklin to their world. Once they returned, however, they discovered only a week had passed in their home reality. The now significantly older siblings eventually settled back in with their family and friends, although many of them noticed the darker turn Valeria's personality had taken. No one was more concerned by this than her father, but Valeria assured him she was still his little girl. Still, Reed Richards has been keeping a close watch on her as of late, hoping the world's next greatest evil mind is not currently living under his roof.

    Full name: Thomas 'Tommy' Shepherd

    Alias: Speed

    Age: 16

    Power: Super speed

    Skills: Tommy has picked up a few things from his time in juvie that occasionally prove useful, although most of them wouldn't exactly be considered legal. From breaking and entering to hot wiring cars, he has learned all the tricks of the trade one could imagine might be in a young criminal's arsenal.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Costume: [​IMG]

    Brief Bio: Tommy's childhood wasn't exactly smooth sailing for him or his parents. He always seemed to be in some kind of trouble, a tendency which only got worse as he got older. As a result, he ended up spending a good deal of time in various juvenile detention centers and "special schools". These experiences only embittered him all the more towards authority figures, and by the time he was a teenager most everyone had written him off as a lost cause.

    One day at yet another school he had only recently transferred to because of problems he had at the previous one, Tommy ran afoul of a group of boys who didn't like the way he talked back to them. It was hardly the first time Tommy had gotten into a fight, but it would turn out quite differently from the many other scuffles he had been involved in during his short life. As they ganged up on him, Tommy charged the nearest one before any of them could land a blow. To his surprise, his body blew right past the other boy and to the other end of the school building in the blink of an eye. Confused but elated by the discovery of his new abilities, he made short work of the others who scarcely had a chance to register what was happening. By the time they were all taken care of, however, Tommy discovered he couldn't slow down. He became a human whirlwind, tearing through the school and endangering the lives of everyone within it.

    Luckily help arrived in the form of another student with strange powers. Even stranger, however, was the fact that he looked almost exactly like Tommy. The uncanny resemblance and sense of connection shared by the two became the basis for a partnership that brought new meaning to both their lives. All they needed was a chance to show the world what they could do to make it a better place.
  9. So yeah Hulkling and Wiccan will be a thing, we should figure out the details of that before this starts too...

    SPEAKING OF STARTING THIS, I'm going to go ahead and say 2 to 4 more characters and this bad boy should be ready to go. SO JOIN PEOPLE. OUR AVENGERS BASED RP IS AWESOME NOT LIKE THOSE WEAK SUCKA AVENGERS RPS.
  10. Do the characters have to be from Marvel Comics or can I also use from DC comics?
  11. Marvel only, but if you want to use a dc character for your oc I suppose I can allow it. What dc hero were you thinking?
  12. I was in between Empress and Batgirl. But now I'm in between Rikki Barnes and Kate Bishop.

    Also I was wondering if I could turn a character's gender? Would it still be "canon" if I did that?
  13. I'm okay with changing backstory so thus I'm cool changing genders.
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  15. Hey are you going to post your CS? Not trying to rush just trying not to let it die.
  16. I'm so sorry, I don't think I will be able to join. I have already too much on my hands, if I didn't I would definitely join. I hope this works out. {you could try making a banner to attract more people}
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