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  1. Smithsonian High school is a paradise for the wealthy and popular high school students that come from the purest of breeding and money.
    And then there's the VERY rare honor student who made it in by grades. Not much money at all to her name, and certainly doesn't fit in among the "purebreds".
    That's when things became worse.
    Leaving school on her junky old bike, she takes a turn too fast and hits another student's car, an EXPENSIVE car.
    She can't pay it back. Or can she?

    That's when she finds out about the Night child club, a club ran by the top bred children in the school. Pretty much an "Adult" club doing "adult" things.
    It's either bunker down and join, make her quota of customers and pay back the expenses of the car, or her family can lose what little they have to pay for court costs. Either way: she's doomed.
  2. Sounds like Ouran Highschool Host Club.
    Though of course with its differences.
  3. YES! You are correct! It's like a darker play of that. :)

    I would have stated that it was a play on that but I've tried that once before and the only responses I got were "What kind of anime are you into?" xD
    I LOVE that anime. <3 Those twins~ <3
  4. I love that anime and the twins!
    I'm just surprised it took them so long to realise she was a girl when it first started!
  5. It sounds like Ouran Highschool Host Club: Whorehouse Edition. XD
  6. Okay so I did literal research and sure I think this sounds like a fu. Rp!
  7. Sure sounds fun, I love Ouran Highschool Host Club lol =D
  8. Is it going to be super duper mature though?
  9. Heyhey! I love this!
  10. OHMIGOSH. <3 I feel so loved. :3
    Yes, it's going to be a bit mature, like Insanity said, whorehouse edition. :) I was on another site and wanted to do this and no one felt up to it. :/ I REALLLLLY wanted to do this one!
  11. Totes make the signups and everything!! :DD
  12. I've never really done group roleplays, so I'm not sure exactly how well this will go, everyone seems to overpower one another and it gets crazy and GAHHHHHH. xD I was looking for a one on one kind of thing for this. ^.^ But I could do it with everybody. I once was doing a certain RP with several different people and it went pretty darned good. We just had seperate versions of the RP going on in PM's. When I get home from work I'll send out the PM's for those who would be interested in this. :)
  13. Okay, sign me up! Me! Me! :bananaman:
  14. Me too! Lol sounds fun
  15. Alright, so a group role play it is. The way I'm seeing it is there are somewhere between 5 - 8 roles available for this group RP.
    1.) The "victim"
    2.) The twins ((I feel it better if one person controls both, so there's no really conflict between writers.))
    3.) The sweet "good boy".
    4.) The silent and hard to impress one.
    5.) The nerdy ((in a seductive way)) one.
    6.) Regular clients of sorts ((male or female))

    I would prefer the actual members be male, I think it's a good idea to keep that one, or have a tough lesbian if one is a girl. But I would like it to be limited to one girl, so that the "victim" is the first girly girl to actually get to be an initiate. ((through a looong and pain in the butt process.))

    I need all the roles filled before we can start. I am going to play the role as the club "prince". Give me a few moments to develop him and I will post him. Please follow my example of how I post him and his run down description as to how I would like you to post yours. This is a first come first serve type of thing. So HURRY HURRY HURRY! :D
  16. Meet Writher's High school for the rich and pampered's prince:
    Adrian Salent.
    The son of the dean of the school, he's known for getting in trouble and getting away for it. In other words: you want to be his best friend. But good luck, being his friend comes with a price. A very hefty one at that.
    As a spoiled prince: it takes a lot to amuse him, and this school bored him for the first two years. Then he had an idea: he would start a club, but not just any club, no. A club for the naughty ones, just like him.
    It was a raging success. And still is. He's on top of the world, with his select few friends surrounding him. A prince on his throne, his loyal subjects by his side.
    Cross him if you dare.
    for abusive rp.jpg
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  17. Hmmm hard to choose....The victim or silent but hard to impress one....
  18. Is it room for me too?
    I would very much be interested in it, I love ouran too.
  19. Styxx Jericho: The prince of Writher's High school for the rich and pampered's "silent but deadly" friend.
    Styxx's father owns a private military company that creates and supplies the latest and best firearms, equipment, and gizmos for the (whatever country we're in)'s military. He is the sole air to his fathers "empire" an only child with a deceased mother and nothing to lose.
    He is known throughout the school as the kid you really dont mess with, not because of ties which he has plenty of. No he is known for his physical strength and cunning mentality.

    Keep on his good side or see the bad side of his fist.

    (Let me know if this is okay, tried to go for the silent but intimidating/unimpressed type)
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  20. Cain and Abel Lindt, the newbie twins of Writher's High
    They are mischievous and cunning but are also caring and sweet. Inseparable, their contrasts and complements are their charm; they come in a fixed pair: the left and right, the shadow and the light.
    They mess around about their identity often
    because sometimes they also forget.
    Which is which?
    Guess who!

    Cain the Redhead
    Abel the Blond

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