You'll never guess who this is

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  1. Hey, it's Trance. I couldn't log in on my other account, or my other-other account.

    Just talked to Jack and I figured that I might as well pop back in for a bit.

    I miss you guys.

    Life's good. Honestly, I'm better than I've ever been. I'm on meds, so I'm sane (LOL).

    Congrats to Tegan and Asmo, I wuv you both.

    I'm still working on that same story, and I'm working on getting a job. Here's to hoping.

    I'm not a Murrstress anymore, but I still do make that sound when I'm happy. Current boyfriend make a trilling sound in response. It's wicked cute.

    ANYWAYS: How are all of you? Tell me what's been going on!
  3. Welcome back TK ^^ glad to hear you're doing better.

    Tis really good news!
  4. I guessed! I guessed!
    **Hops up and down**
  5. I missed you guys! I missed you, Kitti, sweetheart.
  6. Well-well-well!

    Welcome back, Teekay! I take it life is going swimmingly and you're back on track? <3 Hope to see more of you around!
  7. I restarted my rp with Harpy. Wouldn't do that if I wasn't going to stick around for a bit ^.^
  8. *lowers glasses and fixes gaze on TK*
  9. *JUMPS ON VAY'S HEAD* Ahhh back in my place
  10. My hair is longer, your place is softer.

    *adjusts his monocle*
  11. *Drools all over Vay's head*
  12. >:(

    So you think you can just LEAVE and then COME BACK and everything will be all just PEACHY? LIKE WE WOULD BE ALL "LOL WELCUM BACK" AND FORGET ALL THE MONTHS OF EXTREME NEGLECT?

    ...W-well, OK... ;_;
  13. I only left to improve myself, Deary! I wanted to make myself all better before coming back!

    I'M SORRY FOR LEAVING YOU FOR SO LONG! I promise, Teggie, we'll be an evil duo in Dark Reign.... and... .and.... I MISSED YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!

    *Collapses into a fit of sobs and clings to Tegan*
  14. Welcome back TK! It's good to hear your doing well.
  15. Hi, I don't know you, and you don't know me. XD
    But it's nice to see someone whose been here before come back, either way. :)
  16. Well of course I have to come back. All the cool people are here.
  17. A lot of people have left or become inactive, like Fluffy and Stillbirth Machine. It is good to see one of the old guard return. I look forward to your RPs.