Youkai Watch-esque RP?

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Fantasy, Psychological Horror, Scifi, Magical, Romance, Supernatural
Information: If anyone has seen or heard of Youkai Watch, which I hope you have, I want to base an rp a bit on it's elements. For those of you who may not like/don't want to because of some reason, don't shy away, it's not going to be anything like the game or anime. I'm just going to take a few elements and put them down for a fun RP for EVERYONE.

What I had thought of: In this particular world, the human and youkai dimension are practically siblings. But the thing is, no humans can see the mischevious youkai, most just make them out to be fairy tales.
Wrong, oh so wrong.
(Insert Agency Name Here)
They specialize in recruiting children with the ability to sense youkai, but only in hopes of becoming friends with them, rather than waging war, because if a war happened, it would be catastrophic...
So far, the agency has had many failed attempts of communicating with youkai directly. The ones powerful enough to be seen were elusive, and they could only make out the voice of a few.
But now, the Youkai Watch has been born, and it has been entrusted to one team. Will they be able to befriend the youkai?

If you can guess, I wanted this to be a few-man group. I already am running an RP and having two growing rps on my hands would be too much for me.
So, do you all like my idea? Does it need any improvements?
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