You Won’t Finish This Article

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  1. Why people online don’t read to the end. [Article][/Article][Article][/article][Article][/article][Article][/article][Article][/article][Article][/article][Article][/article][Article][/article]

  2. Uh... Why is that 120%. Am I missing something?
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  4. I'm actually one of those people who won't always read to the end of the article. Why? Because most of the stuff that I want to know is in the first few paragraphs. I've found that towards the end of the article it's mostly background information, and sometimes it's stuff I don't really want to know or I tune out. I tend to lose attention on the subjects that I don't really care for, like business or finance. I am always interested to know how companies are doing, but when the article goes into detail as the how and why I get all Blargh.... But if it's stuff I'm interested in or is seriously important yeah I'll read to the end of the article.
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