You vs Me

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  1. So I believe clarification is needed, first of all hello :)

    I'm not exactly sure how I want this to play out but I'm looking for a protagonist x antagonist plot.

    Be it a seductive female necromancer vs the holy white knight,

    A homicidal female Ghost and a merger human.

    A twisted experiment and an army soldier.

    The idea is for both characters to be on opposites sides of the board initially trying to stop the other. Where the plot goes is mostly loose. One or the other can "die" sequels could happen if the first storyline ends. What could be a relatively normal world in the beginning is a world overrun by demons.

    Plot ideas,

    Ghost x human

    In this idea the ghost is female and the human unknowingly is a psychic. Mystery, horror would be the best way to describe this plot in the beginning.

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  2. Experiment x soldier

    Another idea involving a creepy female and the team sent to dispose of her before she can get free. Survival horror