You Spin Me Right 'Round, Baby, Right 'Round (like a record~)

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  1. Good news, everyone! We have yet another stranger to the website, with little better to do than greet an open area full of strangers in a manner completely unrealistic compared to what any of us would do offline! Also, if you're old enough, you might now have a wonderful, wonderful song stuck in your head and will be slightly upset about it burrowing into your ear.

    You're welcome.

    My account name's Fyrra, and I'll be poking around here from time to time, sometimes for reading material and sometimes to scratch that writing itch. As for anything more personal than that, it might be better to leave it all up in the air for now, though I am pretty amused to find someone using a Rockman X identity around here. It took some willpower to not register as Rockman Zero just so I could drop in and have a really awkward-funny moment.

    I'm just some friendly person who likes stories and nerdy things, and making nerdy stories out of things. Most of my musical tastes come directly from the eighties, for better and worse, and I really like classical gaming. Stuff like Fire Emblem, the Ogre Battle series, and the original FFT has no trouble catching my attention, and some of my interests in roleplay tend to reflect the gaming tastes.

    So... Hiya!
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  2. I, I got to be your friend now baby~
    And I, would like to move in just a little bit closer~!
    All I know is that to me,you look like you're lots of fun,
    Open your loving arms, watch out here I come!

    Hi! Welcome to Iwaku xD I'm not old enough but my interests go a bit backwards so I'm not completely ignorant to the times. My musical interests go back to the 80's and a little ways into the 70's though that's further out of my knowledge range.
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  3. Welcome to the sitre, Fyrra! :D
  4. Well, I'm technically not old enough for my musical tastes either, but I dipped a bit further back than some people would say I should have when it comes to that sort of thing. Good music is good music. Also, there's something amusing and awesome about the first response coming from a male maiden.

    Nice to meet you both!
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  5. I totally agree, good music is good music! Time is irrelevant to me when it comes to music. Also, I am very much a fair maiden. Did something seem to say otherwise? xD
  6. Thy profile card, fair maiden~

    Well, not really. If all maidens fit the stereotypes, romance would be boring.
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  7. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
  8. The lyrics from "Dead or Alive's" music drew me to this.
    Also, welcome, new here as well.
  9. Yo Yo Welcome :3
  10. Heehee, I'm still being welcomed here. :3

    Thanks, everyone! I've been having a blast so far!
  11. Welcome to Iwaku Fyrra ^.^
    Lovely taste in music, you now have it stuck in my head as well.
    Well anyways I hope you enjoy roleplaying with us, or just reading the roleplays themselves
  12. Thank you, Soulhallow. I've been having lots of fun here, not just reading the plays but participating as well. This site's nice, and not just for being a nice source of yaoi / yuri addicts. The people are friendly, and the writing is easy on the eyes. I'm not sure if there's much more that I could ask for~
  13. That's very true, a lot of people have great grammar here, as well as write amazingly. Glad you like it here though, but for now "au revoir mon ami"
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