You Named Your What?

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  1. Some of us like to give our toys and electronic devices nicknames.

    Some of us think that's really friggin' weird.

    I'm one of those weirdos :D Most of you have probably heard me mention my old laptop, affectionately dubbed Craptop. My iPod is Sir iPod of Appleton and my old mp3 player is Dinostick. My Samsung Impact cellphone is Imp-tan. My HP Mini laptop is Minipi. Hell, even my Lexar memory stick is Lexar Luthor.

    Are you a weirdo like me? What are your devices' nicknames? Do they have a theme? Or maybe their names reference something else like a joke or meme?
  2. I've named all my Apple products since my dad first brought a Mac home in the early 80s. I've also named my cars. My current car is Blue Thunder.
  3. My laptop's name is Shattered Sun. My phone is Lunar Glass. My ipod is Meteor Prism. The PC I had that no longer works is Rosalind.
  4. My computer is called NINJAPIGCOMP....Inside joke. :P
  5. iPhone: Party Phone. It has a Zebra stripped case that reminds me of LMFAO's Party Rock Attire. So, yeah.

    Laptop: Johnson. It's funny when people ask me what I'm doing I respond to "Layin in bed, on my Johnson."

    Xbox 360: ThunderFuck. Just cause.

    DSi: Nintenderp.
  6. Laptop: Godzilla.
  7. First Ipod, a nano, I named it Black Cat, my Shuffle- Whitey, My first laptop was named Roberta, and my current one is Hydronine, I name my stuffed animals too of course, the little plush fox my boyfriend gave me is Little Fox, and the big fox squishable is Velvet.

  8. I haven't in a great while.

    The last electronic I named was Beatmaster 9000. And was totally unrelated to the meme.
  9. I always name my personal computer "Maker". Because it is the Maker of All Things. XD

    My van is named Sherrod. 8D It's a transvestite.
  10. I named our first car and our second car (we don't have any of them now because they kind of died) Both the cars name were Felicia because that car model were scoda felicia. I haven't given a name to our fird car but I guess he is now known as octavius because that's an epic name x)

    I usualy don't name my electronic things, even though I talk to my computor a lot and screams at him he doesn't have a name xD I only give nicknames to my plushies x)
    *Thinking....* YOU'RE NAME ARE NOW SPUTNIC, now I have named my computor. Skully sputnic the third is his name. (Skully because I have put on a death skull on it, sputnic because it's epic and the third because it's epic to have a number xD)
  11. My computer is named Lovecraft because it's a Hewlett Packard, and it's also a keeper of eldritch horrors
  12. My phone is called "Patrick"...Nothing special really lol I called everything else "My baby"
  13. Every laptop I've had has born the title "Scuzzer" with varying degrees of honor.
  14. The only thing my family and I have ever named is our cars. We have had "The Beast", Bertha, Ginny, Big Red, Cranky (dad's old fork lift), Eugene, and my personal favorite: Lafawndah from Napoleon Dynamite for our big black truck ahahaha.
  15. I named my PS2 "Fat boy" and my 360 Voltron. I had a computer that I called "Old man hip" once.

    Lycan loves to name her things though. Probably more than I do.
  16. I named my car Deigo, my laptop Eugenia, and my chair Cherry. See what I did there? :)
  17. I named my microwave, which is at least five years older than me, The Professor. I took him to college. Not sure where he is now, actually.... sad.
  18. I just wanted to say that I read Lafawndah exactly like he says it in the movie :x Hehe ^^
  19. Drawing tablet's name: Nelly
    Guitar's name: Brandon [named after the guy who bought it for me]
    Computer's name: Nebula
    iPod's name: Scar [named after Mufasa's brother >__>;]
    My dead laptop's name: Lucy

    I've also named every stuffed animal I have, but I'll spare you... For I have, like, 50 stuffed animals.