You Joker You!

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  1. What is the biggest joke you have played on someone?

    We know it is all fun to gigglesnort with our friends, and even funnier when it happens to other people! So, what was the biggest joke you have played on someone? Was it one that was assholish? Did you regret it? Was it all in good fun? Did they get pay back?

    Let us know! 8D

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  2. Well there was this one time where I got Diana to collaborate with the Administration of Iwaku to make members believe on both sites that Iwaku was taking over MoonWings.... Fate got us back on that one.
  3. ....

    I put chocolate laxitives in muffins I made for my brother's at-the-time girl friend. IT didn't work well

    She picked up on the fact that I was up to something and encouraged me to eat a few.

    It didn't end well.
  4. I'm sure I've been a part of a bigger joke than this but it's the only one I can think of right now in my broken brain state.

    So, my bother lives about a 10-12 hour drive away from us. My mother hadn't seen him in about two years. He talked to me online and together we planned to tell my mother than some of my online friends were going to be staying the night at the house when really my brother was coming home for a visit. So 2 am, I wake my mother up, telling her my friends are finally here and I want her to come out and meet them. She's grumpy as hell as she shuffles out into the dark livingroom. And then I turn on the light and my brother gives her a great big hug. Poor Ma cried for five minutes, she was so surprised and happy.

  5. Yeah... that went over well wonderfully with both sites...

    *looks at Iwaku now*

    Hrm... funny...


    Anyway, biggest joke in recent years that I can remember involved truck airhorns and sleeping co-workers.