You in the game of Life

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  1. So if reality is the ultimate Role Play, then we are all characters. What then is your character concept?

    Mine is adventure seeking Grocery clerk with trust issues seeking romance and coffee.

    The one I gave Diana was House Wife with over active imagination with fear of being bombarded with question yet with the ability to unite people.
  2. The GQ man who is hiding his identity from everyone except people online who desperately wants to be liked but not have to change to do it. He's in a happy and successful long term relationship but fears that his identity will ruin it and his relations with his family all in one fatal blow. As such he escapes the body he doesn't want by spending all his time online or obsessing over tiny people who do have the body and life and clothes he desires.

    AKA: 'Man with issues. And tits.'

  3. :D
    Bubbly college student studying engineering, secretly wishing to be a writer, chasing after a hopeless love interest, and making the most of her rough slice of life.
  4. I am the guy who makes off comments in the chat and has them stolen and turned into topics on the forum.
  5. Hungry carpenter on and a mission for that perfect sandwich!


    Self obsessed and likes to weave intricate fantasies about his own life. Likes to be alone, but worries about dying alone. Depressed because he has unobtainable, unrealistic goals and refuses to settle for less. Likes to drink with people, dislikes people in general when sober. Loves tools and building things that 'look cool'. Has an unhealthy obsession with shoes that he rarely talks about. Names his shoes. Is certain he will one day be famous and known around the world.
  6. The bubbly college student studying Baking and Pastry, hoping to one day own her own bakery and is currently searching for her place in life be it in the arms of another or working part time. 8D
  7. A young adult who is having a bit of a mid life crisis. Despite having a degree in culinary arts she is still drawn to writing and has switched from full time to part time to better accomplish this goal. She has also switched to part time because she no longer can stand the pain in her feet... However at the same time she is worrying over possibly losing her home because of a loss in the family. She slowly watches as the money drains away from her boyfriend's mother's account and the debts pile up. In the back of her mind she is dreading and wanting to go back home to California where she will be around her family, but also be admonished and made a fool of for 'running away' to be with the love of her life.
  8. ​._. I dunno what mine would be.
  9. I'm a huge dickhead who's slowly sliding into alcoholism and drug addiction.
  10. I'm the girl who can't seem to forget the past, but craves to live in the present, enjoying what she has now instead of brooding over what she has lost. I'm also the girl who can help others overcome almost anything, but can't seem to do much for herself. It doesn't seem like she has much of an identity, but deep down she knows who she is.
  11. Whoop whoop! Go engineering!

    I'm a senior studying engineering (or computer science, technically) about to start a master's program, but who isn't even sure she wants to work with this professor or with this group. :X Has a boyfriend, but not even sure if she wants to be in a relationship (plus has a family that doesn't support or possibly even acknowledge the relationship). And mostly, really hates thinking about the real world and all the real world problem. Her approach is instead to ignore what's actually going on, and just do whatever she's told to do to get by (because really, she thinks she got a pretty good draw in life even though yes, she works at it in a sheep-like fashion). Her favorite state is probably being sleep deprived while around friends (and not because she has something due the next day). Yay.
  12. I'm the super rebellious, slightly tsundere, cute, squeaky voiced, Laser Tag Goddess that will kill people just to get what is mine! :D
  13. I'm the girl who is quiet and reserved around people she doesn't know, but a crazy,anime/manga obsessed, book loving, writer, gamer, over protective, and talkative person around her friends and family.
  14. The girl with a past. Everyday is spent trying to distance herself from a past that would have broken most people and left them unable to crawl away. She acts incredibly strong, telling people not to worry about her when, in fact, she's crying. She will always be there for friends, even when that means telling them to grow up on occasion. At the same time, she is bright, cheerful, helpful, and much more organized in disarray than she wants to admit. She's scared of crowds, though, and fights a daily battle with pain she says 'isn't that bad' because if she admits how much she hurts almost constantly to others, she'd have to admit it to herself. Through all this, she loves her friends, her job, and her writing. And she smiles.
  15. The girl with many faces. On one level she is a confident, level headed, patient individual with a passion for learning who is finishing up an intense 2 year Master's Program so she can practice Occupational Therapy and help other people. Kind, loving, spunky, and positive, people observe her to have a loving and supporting family and such a 'nice' life. On another level she fears failure to a degree that is unwarranted and secretly has strong issues with herself that should probably be addressed but probably never will be. Her confidence is really just a facade and she feels as if she is lost in the world and only wants to find an escape. Afraid to grow up but wanting to so badly she feels like a tiny shadow of how others see her. Constantly shrinking away and hiding from the facts before her. Then there is the girl who is crazy, sarcastic, confident, and over the top. She's got spunk and personality and doesn't seem to really give a shit about what other people think! She'll dish out advice (and BS) when warranted and may seem wiser than she really is. She's a cool cat who hangs in the background and puts her two cents in.

    *sips her beer*
  16. The quiet teenager with a lack of gender identity, working desperately to pull life out of a stand-still and get moving again. Serving people who it hates, putting on a fake smile so people don't ask questions, pining over a love interest that may or may not know he's an interest.

    Hasn't got the stones to ask.

    Detached, quiet, and growing increasingly bored of life in general.

    Art is dead, music is white noise, friends are faceless, family is distant, and the written word holds no soul.
  17. A student in love with learning everything and absorbing all the information available but can't seem to convince people that she can in fact handle everything and use determination to make life bend to her plans.
  18. An 'weirdo' with social problems who tries to hard for a friendship but doesn't know how to start one. The quiet, hard working, and responsible one who at the moment doesn't know what to do. The few friend she has are fine with her but to other people's eye she is a 'freak' for being mildly perverted, a 'nerd', loner, and acts weird because she sometimes wants to have fun. A person that is scared of being alone but doesn't know how to make friends but is lucky to have a boyfriend who cares and makes her happy only when she sees him. The one who puts up a fake smile when her world is really falling apart.

    -sighs- That should be enough...
  19. The happy-go-lucky girl-woman who always puts others' needs before her own!