You guys, my friend has a problem

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  1. all of her snaps on snapchat are ten seconds long

    All of them

    It's horrible, when she sends three snaps (a slow day) it takes alf a minute to look at all of them. I'm afraid for my friend, she doesn't seem to know how to stop sending way-too-long snaps.

    If your friend was addicted to long snaps, what would you do?
  2. My friend also does that... Good thing you can skip snaps once you've looked at them by tapping the screen.

    People who CONSTANTLY put up MyStories though... They're the biggest issue.
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  3. You. I love you.
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  4. I have another friend who does blank snaps. Like, pictures of her knee or black because her phone is on a table or something... I wonder If she knows texting is a thing?
  5. My boyfriend watches the Snapchat story event things for like whole minutes at a time... Like, the hot air balloon festival months ago (or whenever it was.) He watched MINUTES UPON MINUTES OF HOT AIR BALLOON SNAPCHATS. And I mean, some people are into hot air balloons, which is fine. But he just watched it because he watches everything that comes up on his Stories list!

    Okay, he doesn't do it as much now, but when he did it was starting to scare me. XD
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  6. Holy crap and I thought the media coverage of balloon fiesta's (festivals?) on the news was painful enough. I have no idea how he does it
  7. Threads like this make me glad I don't use Snapchat.
  8. >Refrain from looking at them
    >Uninstall snapchat
    >Problem solved
  9. whooosh


    sorry, it's usually me who takes things too seriously and doesn't get the joke :P

    there's a lots of things about selfies and various apps/cultural things that I don't get nowadays, but I have a few friends who send me funny pictures or really use the image part in their message in a creative way, so I'll be keeping this app :P
  10. What the actual fuck are you talking about?
  11. What's snapchat
  12. If your snaps are over five seconds long and not hilarious you could well be worse than Hitler.
  13. Hip modern young-people stuff.

    Go back to your VCRs and your dial-up, you fucking fossil.
  14. I had this friend who had over 900 seconds on his story once.
  15. Buy her a selfie stick, maybe that will reduce the time of her snaps.
  16. HA! That's why I have an old phone that can't use snapchat :D My friends won't ever be able to torture me with those things
  17. Never find out.

    I'm relieved to say I don't use snapchat.
  18. If I used Snapchat and encountered this problem, I would retaliate in kind to show them how awful it feels, and I'd make sure they were all tediously boring. Someone sends me three 10 second long stupid things? They're gonna get six 10 second things of a plain wall. Fuck 'em. Don't waste my time with your stupid bullshit if you don't want to get it back twofold, at a minimum.

    By the way, this mentality is why I just don't use my phone for anything other than making phone calls and occasionally using it as a mobile web browser. Even texting is atrociously stupid and useless most of the time, so I don't bother.
  19. I'll just assume it's an STD and continue reading.
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